Cubase 6 trial update and 1 day left message...

Hi. I did something lame, it seems, and tried to update C6 Trial to 6.0.1 pre-release. The update went fine, but I start C6 and it shows the following message:

“You have not activated your Cubase license permanently. You may use it for another 1 day”

I have updated because I’m going to buy the 5/6 upgrade anyway, but did not pay attention to whether it was valid with trial or not.

But the e-licenser control center still shows the trial expiration date to 2011-04-07. So should I worry about C6 really stop working tomorrow?


It´s just one day, wait and see…

Ok, but I’m nervous :open_mouth:


That could be the remaining time of the preinstalled 25 hours license.
If your C6 Trial license says that you can use it untill 2011-04-07 then you can use it until the 2011-04-07. :wink:

Ok, thanks crohde.