Cubase 6 Trial Version question

So…I use C5 but am pretty interested in the new features of C6

If I do this demo and make some changes to some C5 tracks with the new comping and audio quantizing stuff will I be able to reopen it again in C5 if I decide to hold off on upgrading?

Basically, if I save a project in C6 will I be able to reopen it in C5…I’m thinking probably not…but let me know for sure if u DO know.


Don’t! Copy the project folder and use it as a guinnea pig.

Listen to mashedmitten…

I just wanted to add that you can open C6 projects in C5, even though any new C6 function will be lost upon opening in C5.

Ok thanks guys…

So Im kinda assuming that I could make the audio quantize changes and use the comping feature to the fullest and finalize then just save it…but yeah I wouldnt have those editing functions still available once I reopen in C5.

My fear was that I would make those changes, like them, realize I have to wait a few more months to upgrade, and then go back to C5 and be stuck with my original C5 versions without the edits I made in C6…basically starting back from scratch.