Cubase 6 Trial With DigiDesign 003+ Rack

I have a DigiDesign 003+ Rack. VST Device Setup shows “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver”

I have the lastest drivers for my device installed.

The DigiDesign 003+ has 8 Line ports for both in and out:

Line 1/2 in/out
Line 3/4 in/out
Line 5/6 in/out
Line 7/8 in/out

The Control Panel within Cubase Device Setup shows all of these Line Input and Output Ports. However, the Control Panel will allow only one stereo Line set to be selected at a time. When click an next to a Device, whichever Device was previously selected becomes unselected, effectively allowing only 1 device to be selected at a time. I should be able to select all of these Device Ports and utilze them all.

This certainly would be a show stopper if I cannot use all input and output ports.

Is there a way to get Cubase to allow all ports to be used?

(Re-) Read the manual. The “generic low latency ASIO driver” is not the dedicated driver for your device, but - as the name implies - a generic driver. So first of all select the correct ASIO driver in Cubase. The controlpanel is a driver thing, not a Cubase thing. Cubase itself will allow as many in- and ouputs as your interface does have, given your driver (the one written specially for your device) allows it.