Cubase 6 Trial Won't Run on New iMac

I have been successfully using Cubase 5 and downloaded the version 6 trial but it hangs when I try to open it. I have to go to the Finder and force it to quit.

I tried reinstalling from the download package but the activation code doesn’t work the second time around. Before I try to download a fresh trial version and try a new install, what should I look into to find the cause of the first download failing to load properly.


Hi Michael,

What operating system version do you have installed on your Mac?
And where exactly does it hang? The start center, the installation, the program start? What is the last thing you can read before it hangs? Are you running it as 32-bit or 64-bit version?

Thank you for the prompt reply. I am running Max OSX 10.7.1.

The program installed and activated successfully from the download. It hangs when I try to actually open the program.

It says that the download is a 32 bit version.