Cubase 6 Trial?

Hello all,
i downloaded the trial version of Cubase 6 and and loved it! But noticed that even when i didn’t use it, the days were going away! Did anyone else experience this? If trial is for thirty days total if you use it or not, then technically i guess it’s correct; but if it’s for thirty days of actual use, then it’s not correct. Those that have registered Copies of Cubase 5 and Dongles should be able to test and use it for an actual thirty days(24 hours in the day :slight_smile: ). Out of thirty days i might have used it ten times! A total of maybe 10 hours :cry: . Is there a way to reset the elicenser in My Steinberg, and get a new activation number for all of us who have C5 to give it another try? Thanks Chris and all Moderators in advance.

That’s the way it is. Thirty calendar days and no re-auth…