Cubase 6 Unable to Update/Cant Close Plugins- MAC - v10.11.5

Ok - I’m sick of hearing that the fact im using Cubase means that I am facing below standard application support compared to if I had purchased ProTools.

Since I purchase the software in 2014 (between middle east gulf trips w/ AUS NAVY) from Billy Hyde/Alans Music (Australia) - I’ve had very little support for the product purchased and for the minimal request of updating the product, cannot do so on my industry standard macbook… I dont think its too much to ask when paying upwards of 500AUD for software, for the product to do what is advertised…

Can someone from Steinberg please let me know the following:

  • How to update to Cubase 6.0.7 - as my MACBOOK running 6.11.5 OS X El Capitan will not update
  • How I can stop plugin windows from remaining on screen after i’ve closed them
  • How to save Presets for plugins, as they are currently not saving…

Can you please get back to me in the next week regarding the above issues, otherwise I will be seeking compensation from the retailer for the products purchased.

Mitch Dolan