Cubase 6 Update Fails - help?

When I attempt to run Cubase 6.0.7 update, after a brief ‘loading’ progress bar, another dialog flashes briefly and nothing is accomplished. I cannot update from 6.0.0 to 6.0.7

I planto upgrade to 6.5, but if my updates aren’t working in general, well, I’d prefer to resolve this update first.

Any advice?

Jim Adams

Right-click on the installer and unpack manually with winrar (or 7-zip, or any other unpack software).
After this you can run each installer individually.

I just realized - this update is for Windows 7. My studio PC is still at XP.

What is the latest/greatest for XP?

This is not the issue.
C6.5 running without a problem on XP here.

This downloads from Steinberg as an executable (.exe)
No right click options to unpack as in .zip file

Any further suggestion?
many thanks

Install different unzip software.
7-zip is free and does the job.

Try running the exe file inAdministrator mode - worked for me