Cubase 6 Upgrade from Cubase 4 EDU

Hi Folks,

I’m a owner of a Cubase 4 EDU version, and I want to upgrade it to Cubase 6. Which upgrade I need to buy?!?! I’m consufe 'cause theres no explanation in the stores websites. Can I buy the regular upgrade or do I need to a specific upgrade, since mine is an EDU version?!?!


You need the regulkar upgrade, as also discussed in several threads here already…

Indeed the regular upgrade is what you’re after. C4 edu to C6, did the same thing myself it’s a good jump and was well worth it.

An EDU licence is nothing different from a regular lisence, it’s just cheaper :slight_smile:
There’s no such thing as upgrades for EDU prices, so you will have to pay for a regular upgrade.