Cubase 6 upgrade from Cubase 5 online - instant use?

I tried searching things like “download upgrade cubase” in the forum but every time it came back saying that my search terms were “too common”!!

I need Cubase 6 tonight and my trial has expired, I’m happy to upgrade from Cubase 5 but I need to know that if I buy it in the Steinberg store (where I am forced to choose the delivered “boxed” instead of “download” option) that I can activate and continue using Cubase 6 immediately?

Many thanks in advance for your help!!

Also I tried to call Cubase support but the lines closed 40 mins ago :frowning:

There is no downloadable version of Cubase 6 (full). You could buy Cubase Elements for $99 and activate it immediately (it is a download version).
p.s. You could then upgrade to full C6 for $299 but it is a boxed product. I guess that’s not a good price when the straight upgrade from C5 to C6 is $150.

Hi thanks for the reply - I have Cubase 5 full and I need to use Cubase 6 tonight. Do I need to get to a shop and get a boxed version then?

Hate to see you spend that much extra money to end up with the same product in the end. Unless you have a friend with a dongle that has NOT used a C6 trial yet…
Another idea… If you can buy a spare Dongle at a store and have a friend activate the trial to buy you some time to wait for the boxed full version.
Or, buy a copy from a local store. Hopefully, someone has the upgrade in stock.
Good luck.

Thanks for the info and good ideas - I can’t believe I can’t update it online!! I can activate the trial online, you’d think I could with the full product too :frowning:

This is a disaster for me.

30 days to find out about that, and you wait until the 31st, well… :astonished:

Well when I downloaded the trial I could activate it online. It was the full working version (not some cut down version). So nothing in my brain said “maybe I need some massive DVD collection to install it…”.
Whist downloading the trial I also saw a button saying “Buy Online Now”.
That button (and the ability to activate the trial online) convinced me without a shadow of a doubt I’d be able to do the same with the full version.

…so in my head, I had found out about it. It didn’t even occur to me that it would not be an option. It seems such a trivial thing and I can’t even think of a good reason not to have such a facility.

I didn’t buy it earlier because I was waiting to get paid.

Just curious why you needed 6 right away. Just start project with C5 then open it in 6 when it arrives.