Cubase 6 upgrade from Cubase 5 Question


I will be soon purchasing Cubase 6 upgrade from Cubase 5 via the Steinberg Store.

I noticed that I can also purchase Halion Sonic, and Halion Orchestra unlock codes from the store. Does the Cubase 6 upgrade from Cubase 5 contain all that necessary data discs for Halion Sonic (1.5) and Halion Orchestra ? or will I also get the boxed units of Halion Sonic and Halion Orchestra as seperate boxed units ?

Just need a bit of clarification,


The update from C4/5 to C6 comes with full install DVDs for Halion Sonic 1.5, Symphonic Orchestra, The Grand SE3, Cubase Artist6 and of course C6. So you would just need to purchase the unlock codes online.

Thanks for the feedback. One more question, does the Symphonic Orchestra full install DVD in the Cubase 6 upgrade box offer both 16-bit and 24-bit samples ? and does the unlock code I purchase online from the Steinberg store for Hal. Symph-Orch. unlock the 24-bit samples, or just the 16-bit samples ?


I don’t know as I only installed C6 :smiley:

Thanks anyway. :mrgreen:

I’m guessing that the unlock code will only offer the 16-bit content of Halion Symph. Orch. Because the price of the full boxed version (which offers both 16 and 24-bit versions of the sample content) is $499, which is a lot more than the unlock code price.

So, I doubt the Cubase 6 dvd contents includes the 24-bit version samples of H-Symph.Orch. (only contains the 16-bit version).

Hi there,

Yes, the included HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Content Set includes only the 16-bit content set, but supports the new Note Expression technology. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification.

So… Does the full boxed version of Halion Symph. Orch. (24-bit samples) Support the new Note Expression tech. ?