cubase 6 upgrade from studio 5 help

Hi all, anyone can help me out it… I plan to upgrade, but the problem is in my country “Malaysia” …they only sell cubase upgrade from 5 and not sudio 5…:frowning: … Since I have a friend who is going to L.A next week, can anyone suggest anystore around Los angeles where he can get the upgrade in store… Or any website that sell the upgrade, maybe I can have it sent to where my friend is staying… Really appriciate anyone who can help…thx in advance guys

Hello neighbor !

I live in Philippines and had the same problem!

Order online at

But the only problem is you will probably not even see CUBASE 6 UPGRADE from your country (they know where you are connecting from). -Well when I originally ordered there was no “upgrade” option when connecting from Manila - today I see that I can actually order and ship it to USA… The other option is to use a VPN - pm me if needed for that.

You friend can order from that website and it can arrive in USA within ONE WEEK !

NEXT - Have your friend email the upgrade serial number to you. Then you can upgrade IMMEDIATELY and not have to wait for your friend to get back.

You can then install directly from your friends PC remotely. Took me about 7 hrs to get it from my dads pc overseas.