Cubase 6 Upgrade Full DvD? Or just an upgrade file?

I’m using Cubase 5.5 on MAC OSX 10.6.6.
I’m thinking buying Cubase 6 Upgrade.
But, is the Cubase 6 Upgrade DvD just an upgrade? (like a single file upgrading the 5 to 6)
In case i have to re-install all the system, do i need to install Cubase 5 every time i want to
have Cubase 6 installed?

Or the upgrade word just means paying less for buying a newer system and Steinberg gives us
the Full Edition DvD ?

Up**grade** means you go from a lower version (like Studio) to a higher verison (like full Cubase).
If you´re using Cubase 5.x and want to go to Cubase 6, you by an up**date**.
The update is a completely independent full version. The update is applied to the existing 5.x license on your existing USB key once, so your Version 5 license becomes a Version 6 license, therefore no need to have the older version installed, before installing version 6.

Perfect, with that in mind… i’ll buy Cubase 6 “update” - > UPGRADE !
Thanks for your answer !

As I know all cubase DVDs are same. Full version of the program. You are just upgrading/updating your licence key thats all. So you don’t have to install cubase 5.5 and then cubase 6 if you are installing it to a new system. Simply use the cubase 6 dvds.

Looks like that´s what I wrote already…