Cubase 6 upgrade in Canada

Anyone know how you go about getting a Cubase 6 upgrade in Canada? Can you order it at

I think it’s giving me an error when I try to order online because of my address, or maybe because I am typing in Canadian English rather than American… eh…

I think we might have to order here:

Can anyone confirm please?


I tried to order as well, but it didn’t get through to the credit card page. and now I see the link to the online store is gone?
We may need to go to but they don’t have 6 listed yet. I need the upgrade version, which was never available in stores before, so we need an online way to order.

so stienberg, how do we buy your products?

What if my billing address is in Canada, but my shipping address is in the USA? If my credit card info contains a Canadian address, can I set my billing address to my USA address and order ok?

Ok, it seems fine for my to order if my billing address is Canadian but my shipping address is in the USA. I’m just unsure if I should wait until I’m able to order directly to Canada, or just order to the USA. Wondering if there’ll be a price difference in doing so. Can any mod/admin comment?

I received an email back from musicmarketing in Canada today - here’s what they said:

It will be a few weeks before stock arrives in Canada.

As soon as stock arrives we will have it updated on our site -

It’s a good question but if anything, the price will be higher in $ CAD. I ordered my upgrade today using a Canadian billing address but a US ship-to address just across the border. I can drive across and pick it up when it arrives, which is likely weeks ahead of official Canadian distribution as evidenced by captainhook’s inquiry.

I called them yesterday and got the same answer, in fact, the person I talked to did not even know about 6!

Any further word on the 6.5 update for Canadian users? Still can’t find anything…

If you are talking about updating to 6.5 from Cubase 6, just buy the regular download in online shop (42,01 euros). Or are you talking about another upgrade/update?