Cubase 6 upgrade options?


I have been looking for an upgrade path to Cubase 6. I’m currently running Cubase 5.5.3. I purchased just before version 6 was released (Registered on: 11.01.2011, 11:17).

Will i be up for a new copy of the software? or is there another way?

Really enjoying the massive UI upgrade. Feels very fresh and i find it easier to use. Love the new colours :sunglasses:
Only been playing around for the last few hours but i find it’s quicker in some ways too.

Any other Cubase 5.5 users update?

I may have missed the grace period mentioned in the FAQ. I am surprised i didn’t get an e-mail about it though.

Thanks in advance


So whats the question?

I mean if you go to the shop and navigate to C6 you can select the upgrade from there!

Do you mean the “CUBASE 6 UPGRADE FROM CUBASE ARTIST 6” link?

I dont have cubase 6 artist. If this is what your talking about.

My question is do i have to purchase/order the complete studio again or can i upgrade from version 5 online?

I live in Australia if that makes any difference?

You want the “UPDATE from Cubase 4 or Cubase 5”
It costs 199 US (it should, of course, show you AUS price)