I have been using Cubase 5 and just received my upgrade DVD for Cubase 6. I sat down tonite to upgrade my system and have just been running into problems.

I have Windows 7 running on a new powerful PC. Basically I load the DVD in - read the Read Me file and then launch the Installer. It asks me if I want to download the 32bit or 64 bit. I choose 34 bit but assume i will come back and load 64 bit as well. Ok. Then the install Wizard starts. It loads up the e-licensor but the manual and start center say to activate the program after full installation. So I hit continue installation.

Every thing starts downloading, moving files etc… then I get an Install Wizard message - first it says load CD for Halion One ( i know its not loaded up on CuBase 6). I have no idea what the installer is referring to here. I browse the DVD and it has Halion One folder on it. Ok cool. But when I click this, it says access denied. ??? I cancelled the installation and tried again. Deleted the Cubase 6 and started over. I got to the same point and now same message but saying groove Agent one. I kind of just passed the screen since I have no idea what CD i am supposed to put in. There is only one installation DVD. now I get to a screen saying load Groove Agent one content - prompting me to Insert Disk - Again I have no idea what disk I am referring to.

I hit cancel and it doesn the same thing for LoopMash content. i skip that and it goes to Drum Loop Expansion - this doesnt ask for a Disk and seems to load up fine as does the Halion Sonic CONTENT.

I do the same thing for CuBase 64 bit and the same installer questions come up. in 64 bit it asks to insert a Disk for Reverence Content - again i do not know what disk they are referreing.

Am i supposed to be moving content over from Cubase 54 after it is set up?

I just want to make sure I am loading this up properly and if this is normal before i spend hours trying to see if i am missing content.

Any thoughts or help is appreciated.


Mike Pelle

I also upgraded from Cubase 5 to Cubase 6 and even as the package included around 6 DVD’s I only needed 1 to install the bare Cubase 6.

If you are still having trouble AND have internet access on the PC you are installing it to - I will be glad to walk you through it with teamviewer (screen sharing program).

We can then post the solution here in case others have the same issue in the future.