Cubase 6 Upgrade Release date? Downloadable?

Ok, so I pre-ordered an upgrade to 6 from 4 last week and I’ve been using my old 4 while I wait for 6 to arrive. Anybody knows when they’re expecting more boxes or if there’s a downloadable version of the upgrade?

I’m working under the assumption that the upgrade version requires me to use my old dongle from 4 to be able to use 6 (please correct me if I’m wrong). So wouldn’t a download version of the upgrade be a reasonable expectation?

I did call asknet in the US and kept getting put on hold. After 45 minutes I just gave up.

Aloha R,
Re; up-dates/up-grades

I believe Cubase up-dates are done as an on-line download. (ex C5—>C5.5 etc)

Cubase up-grades are in box form and delivered by humans. (C4—>C5—>C6 etc)

Your dongle from C4 should work fine with C6. (mine does)

I have no idea when the next C6 up-date will be.


Thanks for the reply HTH :slight_smile: Hope ure staying above the waves :confused:

I’m thinking I’ll just download the trial and cross my fingers it will get here before the trial expires

Upgrades are downloadable and as of now do not require a code to be entered in the elicenser software interface.

I forgot to ask
What gear are you using?

Going from C4 to C6 your ‘puter will probably take a lil more of a cpu juice hit.

I think you’re adding to the confusion…

A Cubase upDATE is when only the number changes. Examples: C5->C5.5, or C5->C6 .
Major number changes are always boxed (C5->C6), in-between updates are always downloadable (C5->C5.5)

A Cubase upGRADE is when you get a version with more features. Examples: C5 Studio → C5 Full, C5 Studio → C6 Full , C6 Artist->C6 Full.
Most of these are boxed, according to the Steinberg online shop the only downloadable upgrade is C6 Artist-> C6 Full. But that may be different in your country.