Cubase 6 upgrade... some issues

  1. Metering - in preferences (Appearance > Meters) you can set the colour of the meters, and where on the scale they change. In Cubase 5 I had 4 colours. In Cubase 6, I only get 2. Is that a change, or am I missing the fundamental way to add a new range/colour?

  2. Key Commands - I can’t load any presets. There’s nothing in the dropdown, and when I attempt to open them from within the Cubase 6 > Presets > KeyCommands, there are no valid files there. The file extension appears to have changed from .XML to .key between Cubase 5 and Cubase 6. The xml files exist in that folder, but cannot be opened. The error is ‘this is not a key commands file’.

  3. I can’t remember what I need to do to get my Novation SL MkII to appear in the list of “Devices” to set up. When I go to Devices > Device Set up, then click the ‘+’ symbol, the Novation doesn’t appear, as it does in Cub5. Any ideas?

I’ve installed Cubase 6 alongside Cubase 5 (which will remain my go to until I’m comfortable with putting projects in Cubase 6) so all the same drivers within Windows (7) should be the same. I’ve updated Cubase 6 to 6.0.4.

Thanks for any light you can shed…



  2. Not 100% but think it’s to do with transfer of preferences from C5 not working properly when you install alongside. Trash C6 preferences, hide C5 installation (by renaming) & open C6 & let it rebuild preferences.

  3. You need the automapclient.dll files in the C6 components folder…copy them from C5 folder.