cubase 6 upgrade taking very long time to index my sample dr

After upgrading to v6 from v5, i started scanning my sample drive in media bay but the scan times out and i have to go though and manually click on each individual sample folder to get it to start indexing again, but then it freezes up and i have to force close it and again and again. this is taking a very long time as i have a 1tb drive that is almost full with samples.

also my pc takes about 8 minutes to load cubase 6 for the first time when i turn on my pc. that is way too long, does it have something to do with the files not being indexed? once indexed correctly will it take much less time to start up?

cubase 5 would take around 1 minute to load for the first time and since then i have only upgraded to v6, i havent made any changes to my system or installed any other software.

is there a limit to the amount of samples v6 will index comfortably?

Aloha J
Do you still have C5 in-stalled on your ‘puter and if you do does it
still load properly (in a timely fashion)?


hey. thanks for the reply.

i manually went through and all my sample folders have turned blue which i thought meant they were indexed. but i still have the loading up for the first time problem. which i timed and takes just over 10 minutes to load up, even though i have no third party vsts installed. it takes the longest time when the loading screen comes up and it is at “initializing content”.

i still do have v5 installed, so i restarted my pc and ran that for the first time, and that has a heap of third party vsts installed and it takes about 1 minute to load.

i have noticed something else related to the media bay. Even though all the folders are blue and i have rescanned the whole sample drive, only some seem to be indexed correctly. as when i click on some of them the samples files come up in the auditioning window right away, while when i click on other folders, the files dont change to that of the highlighted folder, and the animaton to the top right of the auditioning window starts loading and taking a long time to load the files in the highlighted folder. then when i close it at this point, a window pops up “updating media files” which sometimes appears in the middle of the screen and sometimes more commonly appears off my screen where i can only see about a quater of the window where the “abort” button is.

further to this presets seem to be doing the same thing now too. some will play fine (even though they take a few seconds to load up) as i scroll though the presets, it begins loading and taking around 5-10 mintues for the preset list to come up in the preset window. i havent tried all the vsts yet but it seems to be doing this freezing load up thing after a short while, when choosing presets and the same as the media bay issue.

what i will do is uncheck my sample driver and restart my pc and check it again and let it index it all again and see how i go. also which folders should be checked as the default to load all the cubase samples?

i remember having drama with cubase 5 and media bay not long ago and i had to take out .rex files and some other types to get it working 100%. would that have anything to do with this?

please help asap,

think an op can help me here? its been over a week since i purchased c6. and i still havent used it!

what the hell is up with my media bay?