Cubase 6 upgrade

Here is the situation: finally i just purchased at local shop C6 upgrade and i want to upgrade from C4…i come home take the box in my hands just about to open it…and on the top left corner with very little shift i read: Cubase 6 Upgrade from Cubase Studio 4/5.
ffffff**** what the hell is that? i asked for the C6 upgrade from C4 full version and he gave me that…is it the store guy who messed it up or it"s me who panic here? Can i actually use that upgrade?

I can see your concern. Your product should be qualified because you have a C4 Full Version, which is above the Studio version but who knows whether the Licenser checks for the EXACT license or just a Lincense MINIMUM.
The difference in price on the website is $50. Not sure what you paid for it but maybe the dealer just gave you the wrong box?

I went back to the shop and yessssss this was mistake of the seller :unamused:
Good that i didn’t open the package, so they exchange it with np…otherwise it would not install the upgrade properly, it’s have to be correct version.

Thanx for your replay mate :slight_smile:


I’ve tried looking for Upgrades on the Steinberg site, can’t find anything, other than from Cubase Artist. Can anyone direct me…?


I wasn’t clear, sorry.

I have Cubase 4 Education, looking at upgrading to 6. Is it not possible to buy the upgrade on the Steinberg shop?