Cubase 6 users offered C12 and C12+ deal, withdrawn :0)

Yesterday I got a Special Offer from the Steinberg Online Team - a C12 at $169 or C12+ for $229. Today I got an apologetic letter thanking me for my understanding but this offer did not apply to UK customers.

I expect that’s because, in true rip-off Britain style, UK retailers want to switch the “$” for the “£”.

Or maybe I’m wrong. :imp: :imp: :imp:

And in your opinion, this belongs into the C 6 forum, because…?

Mmmm - okay teach, maybe you’re right.

NAH! I got to agree with Zebbie, I live in Poland,and I am excluded from the offer…(I went to buy 3 C12+ for a training centre,coupled with the fact I cant buy Cubase Elements as a download for the same reason)…Starting to get on my tits that Steinberg seem to think North America deserves priority…(It is your own fault you let Logic/Apple become defacto standard in Education Centres in the UK, couple of decent Reps and it all could have been different)…This has been going on for a while, and could be the only “stuck up priciple” I use to stop buying Steinberg. (18 yrs with Steinberg,and dont deem “a valued customer” because of where I live…mmm must be some racist or bigoted European law being broken there! :wink: ) BOLLOX! :smiling_imp:

This is officially my first rant on the forum! :smiley: