Cubase 6 using pitched delay fx on vocals

im going to use a song i cant stand as an example… Kesha’s song where she says “dj turn it up” then the delay is put on “up” and every time it repeats it goes up about two semitones {approx}. is there a preset in any of the C6 pluggins that does this straight off the bat? or is this a complex process using several fx pluggins at once?
I use to cut the word off the wave file, repaste it over again and then repitch every repaste. theres gotta be a better way

Hey… you made it to the dark side :laughing:

Off the top of my head I’m thinking you could try to automate the delay time and make it shorter in real time, that may pitch the vocal up but the side effect would be to decrease the delay between each repeat!

Or you could try a pitcher plugin after the delay on an FX buss. Delay (100% wet) followed by a pitcher plugin then automate the pitcher plugin to increase the pitch shift.

This is one of the few drawbacks to the safe design regarding routing inside Cubase, no risk of feedback but also no way to loop an fx back into itself.
Depending on what hardware you own you can achieve this through software or hardware loopback though, or try the +pitchdelay VST plugin from soundhack, it does what you ask for but it’s a bit grainy since it uses a fairly simple method (compared to a pitch correcting plug that tracks the pitch)

Another, similar and cool effect is to automate a whammie effect, like the Whamdrive from Auraplug, before or after a delay.


another solution:

copy the region several times as you needed.
select all regions, than Audio > Bounce Selection (new audio file).
than use this funktion: Audio > Process > “PitchShift”.
in the next window switch to “Envelope”…

Thanks for the advice guys :slight_smile: the envelope method in the pitch shifter seems to be what im after, i guess i can really mess with things by drawing in envelopes… its such a complex program its easy to miss whats right in front of you :laughing: