Cubase 6 & UVIworkstation 1.1.7 problem

Hi folks ! Does anybody experiment crashes when reviewing patches a little bit too fast ? I’m on xp sp3 and already had the problem with cubase 5.

UVI v1.1.7 is working ok here with C6 on Mac.

Have you contacted UVI about this? My experience is that their tech support is very responsive.

Yes, I have had this for awhile now too, well over a year. It causes Cubases to bomb out with a not responding message and must be closed. It is a shame too that we even have to rely on UVI Workstation to preview our RX2 loops since Mediabay sucks at doing so and cannot preview the loops in time with the projects tempo like it claims it can.

I did too. They’re very nice people but they’re not aware about this problem till now (it seems). It must concern a very small percentage of cubase /uvi users, because the uvi 1.1.7 is an old release, now (more than a year, i think). That’s really strange…

As a result of your question I went to the UVI site and it was strange to see that 1.1.7 was the last release.

At one point there was a constant parade of UVI updates…

I’ve always liked their products: Mach Five, MSI, and PlugSound Pro which is now UVI.

Hopefully they’ll fix this issue.

I don’t use UVI as much these days as it’s only installed on my MacPro which includes the Retro Organs and Synths Anthology “sound cards”. But I really like the ease of assigning multiple outs and keyswitches.