Cubase 6 vari audio and GOOSE WITH CLOSEPIN

Using the same audio file in both Cubase 5 and Cubase 6, complete different results.

When applying quantize and straighten pitch, Cubase 5 processed just fine. Cubase 6 produced a sound like a goose with a close pin on its mouth.

It is not working properly. I understand it very well, having used it frequently in Cubase 5, but Cubase 6…not good.

Anyone know what happened?


Cubase 6 goosed your Core 2 Duo?

It could be the stretching algorithm you’re using. There are several to choose from and they are detailed in the manual. Open the Pool. Against each entry it will tell you which one that audio file will use and you can change them. Having said that, VA has a habit of overriding this (it will let you know if it does) and there’s not much you can do about it. Worth a go, though. And maybe Warping might be another way to go. There’s an awful lot to read up on in the manual regarding what you’re tryinng to do but it’s worth it so you don’t waste effort as quite a bit has been added since v5.