Cubase 6 Vari-Audio distorted (not in Cubase 5)

Step 1. Record a Vocal Track
Step 2. Use VariAudio pitch+warp tool, and pitch the whole analysed track 1 octave down.
Result: The track will sound distorted like overdrive/bit-crusher.

I used this trick in many projects, creating funny vocal-effects, and it works absolute perfect in Cubase 5, i cannot believe that the current behaviour is normal.

I noticed same exact problem. This must be some kind of bug.

Yikes! That makes me a little concerned about upgrading since I rely on variaudio for every project I do. Do you see the same problem for the normal use of variaudio? (fixing slightly out of tune or time audio)

We will have a look, thank you! (28063)

Yeah me too. I’ll be waiting anyway, at least until the first full update / bug fix is released (I do this with all programs) but this is good to know… and something I will watch.

There are new time stretch/pitch shift algorithms in Cubase 6 and the new ones are the default, have you tried changing it back to the old ones? I reckon that’s a good chance why you’re hearing a difference.

have you tried changing it back to the old ones? I reckon that’s a good chance why you’re hearing a difference.

No, i use the “Standard/Solo” - algorithm, even when i change the pitch, it automatically switch back to standard/solo - mode

Isn’t there also an option to “offline render” (like freeze) with a higher quality algorithm? I don’t know for sure because I’m still waiting for my copy to even hit US shores :frowning:

no if you use the VariAudio it always uses the “Standard/Solo”-Algo.

For the VariAudio warping and pitching features, “Standard - Solo” preset must be used and is applied automatically

(see manual page 271 )

It seems you cannot use the new elastique algorithms with the variAudio Editor (correct me if i’m wrong)

either way, the issue affects the “old” standard algorithm

This is a bug.
I fixed this. Will come with next update.
This bug affected all material pitched down 1 octave or more using the ‘solo’ preset.

Greetings, Onno

Thanks Onno!

Will this fix cure problems with small amounts of pitch quantisation on audio recorded at 96kHz sample rate?

No. That’s another bug.
But its fixed already, too. Wait for next update :arrow_right:

That’s good to hear!

Thanks very much Onno!

Onno: it’s very nice to see you participating on the board and fabulous that we already have something to look forward to in 6.0.1 :slight_smile:

We really appreciate your hard work!!

hi Onno please fix the bug of not being able to drag and drop a file to 3rd party plugins. Or have you been told specifically not to fix this on purpose. We do not understand the politics of this. Please just make everyones life easier and fix…thank you.


Blackout please do not hijack a thread of one topic to make a feature request of a completely different one. I’m sure Steinberg very reluctantly engaged developers in the forum. Making it harder for them to manage the threads related to their areas will likely swing things back to the way they were before :frowning:

hi lights, i understand what you are saying, however it seems that the Steinberg programmers only get to “see” and are allowed to respond to some threads as problems and things that need to be fixed are posted in their own threads many times over and get no response. it is like they are falling on deaf ears. So it seems for whatever reason we have Onno’s attention in this thread so it is only fitting that we ask him about fixes to other issues at the same time whilst we are getting a response from him. I think this is more than fair and as a fix such as drag and drop will assist you in your workflow also i would hope that i have your support.

this request has been posted in other threads and has received …no response. So we must assume it has not been read by the programmers.



Not an excuse. If it were, we would have only one thread called Cubase 6: EVERYTHING. And nobody would be able to find the information we need and Steinberg employees would steer clear.

I can imagine this thread is now dead and will get no further replies. It was about a bug and a clarification of how existing features worked. It was not a thread for new feature requests.

Ok, here’s my info & opinion on ‘how to deal with programmers’:

  • First, it is my free choice to watch the forum. I’m lucky to not be forbidden to do so.
  • I don’t do that because I didn’t trust my colleagues watching this but because
    for a huge application like Cubase where forum threads go into deep details,
    sometimes I can solve an issue much quicker this direct way. E.g. I can stop discussing bugs I already know.
    Also, I do this because I’m interested in direct feedback.
  • Every programmer has lots of other work to do and we all don’t have time to permanently hang around here.
    I have to have deaf ears here in a way if I don’t want to work for a single user.
    It is not as easy as it might be from a users point of view.
    I think it is like this: Many people try to tell very few people what to do. Also, many people want
    very different things, have different ways they like to work, have different work to do, ask for
    things already there etc etc etc.
    To summarize: If sometimes a user feels companies don’t react to their wishes fast enough in the right way,
    it’s not because the company doesn’t want to. It is because its an art to filter the right information, make
    the right conclusions and give them the right priority. It’s an essential part of why a company succeeds or not.
  • Also, there are other programmers, too. This means: E.g. drag&drop is not my stuff.

However, don’t want to bother you :sunglasses: .
From my POV, the best for us is to keep threads clean (one topic, not too much irrelevant stuff),
provide detailed information and trust in the responsible Steinberg guys watching this (they do).
The best chance to get something done is to formulate things in a short, clear way and tell why this is important I think.

Btw, as far as I know, the drag&drop thing does not work because the plugins don’t support it…but I’m not sure