Cubase 6 Virtual Instruments and Ivory not sensing Keyboard.

According to Ivory, the support team stated this is a cubase issue. But I think its a player issue.

Heres the story. I purchased Ivory II upgrade 2 weeks ago.

However, I am having problems with the keyboard. Ivory isn’t sensing the keys. Now I know its not a keyboard problem because the notes are sensing in Cubase through EastWest and Spectrasonics just not Ivory. I know the sounds work in Ivory because I registered the Ivory ii software, and the notes play a sound when you click the piano keys in Ivory.

The midi light should light up in ivory when I click the note. It just doesn’t show up when I use my keyboard. But it senses my other programs through cubase. Ivory I worked well, but when I upgraded, Ivory II doesn’t.

I know what the problem is and I can fix it through Cantible player however, when I load the dll player in Cubase I can’t access those options.

This was my solution in the Standalone Cantible player.

Setup > Midi Devices > Passthrough Device > Microsoft Gs Wavetable synth (Changed from Casio Usb Midi).

However I think when I load the Ivory Player via cubase it loads the stand alone player. But I cannot access those options. So there is no way to change it.

When I load the standalone player no matter what options I change it doesn’t change what needs to get changed to get the sound heard from my keyboard.

Travis Balitz

Forwarded message:

Hi Travis,

Within Cubase, the “options” you are looking for are not part of Ivory, but part
of CUBASE. You need to look in the Devices menu in Cubase. The MIDI input
device should be your Casio keyboard. I don’t know anything about passthrough
devices or settings; in my experience, that’s irrelevant for Ivory.

If you can click on the notes in Ivory, and it works, then the Ivory plug-in
itself is working. Whether or not the MIDI data is being routed to it is a
different matter. Any MIDI routing to Ivory would come before the Ivory
plug-in, within Cubase, not within Ivory.

Please note – when you launch Ivory within Cubase, you are not launching Ivory
Standalone, nor are you launching Ivory Cantabile. You are simply instantiating
the Ivory plug-in. Ivory Standalone is a host application, as is Ivory
Cantabile, as is Cubase. MIDI and audio settings are done by the HOST
application, not the plug-in. You may need to consult your Cubase manual to
learn more about the options and settings that you’ll find in the Devices menu
(in particular Devices > Device Setup).
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