Cubase 6 VS Nuendo 5 - Terrible graphic performance in N5

Hi all,

I’m testing deeply C6 due I’m writing a article for an important online magazine, so I’ve moved all my everyday production to C6. First, I have to say that C6 new features are pretty nice, but I miss some Nuendo-only routing things.

Anyway, I have to mix something in surround, so I moved back to Nuendo (routing things, as I said) and I realized HOW SLOW and painful is N5. C6 environment is A LOT of faster, and, that’s funny, the CPU performance is BETTER!!!

Any feedback?


No feedback, but a question. Will C6 open N5 projects without any problems? Are there any issues to be aware of?



C6 opens N5 projects without any flaws but the routing.
N5 opens C6 but gives a “corruption” issue, though the project works.

I’ve tried C6 with half N5 buffer (double CPU load) and the graphic performance is still amazing.

Is the issue with the routing that you lose multiple outputs per track? Are you limited to just the main output in C6?


You lose any advanced routing, i.e. Multiple output or routing from a output to another (I use it all time)

Yeah, C6 GUI is a lot better.
Let’s hope we get that in N5.5 as well.


what a cool idea to end the mac/pc forum separation. NOT.
are you talking about mac or pc, antonio? cant see it in your signature…

Sorry, I thought it is in my signature (it was in the old forum). I’m talking about OS X.

Agreed - this was not a good move at all.

Well, I was talking about Mac OS, so it’s my mistake.

It´s about time Nuendo / Cubase make use of graphics acceleration of modern Nvidia cards.
Like Adobe programs make use of CUDA.
I recently got a new mid range graphics cards (GTX460TOP) and if I zoom into multiple waveforms and keep the position marker stationary the graphic transition of the waveforms is not at all fluid, looks like a framerate of “6-8”, which is really poor performance for todays standards. SB, please make use of modern chip architecture and standards to make the interface feel “snappier”. Hope this will be part of the free summer update.

The problem here is that things will get messy, quickly.
With Adobe’s GPU implementations, only specific (and expensive) graphics cards are supported fully even though the text file that enables shall we say “additional” cards to be added is suspiciously easy to find.
There would be many, many problems.

Well, we have OpenGL, an open standard.

Hey Antonio, I’ve been running N5 for a few hours now, just finally made the upgrade. I’m on OS X Snow Leopard, 12 GB RAM, 8 core Mac Pro, and I have to agree with you. By graphic performance I’m referring to the meters (looks like they are video at about 8 frames a second) and the worst part is clicking on things and having to wait half a second for the click to kick in!

THis is becoming a frustration as the hours go by, I usually use the middle button to click and drag the window exactly where I want, I do this constantly as scrolling or waiting for autoscroll isn’t really part of my workflow. This has actually gotten worse as the upgrades continue, and I was really hoping for Nu5 to be super snappy, but it’s worse than 4!

Also, if the tune is running, I’ll click in Stylus to adjust some knobs and again it takes half a second to register and start turning for me.

It seems ridiculous to be complaining about half a second, but it all adds up when you are used to working fast!

Is this the kind of behaviour you are referring to?

Are there new settings that might help alleviate this?

I played with buffer settings, and latency performance is no better than N4, adjusting buffers as high as they can go makes no difference.

I have about 1.5 GB of RAM used for N5 in this particular song.

It sounds like there’s something else going on with your machine. I’m on a quad-core Mac Pro with 16Gb of RAM and I would say it just feels sluggish, especially compared to other apps. Meters seem to be fine on mine. Definitely not what you’re experiencing. I would have stopped it using it by now.

Do you have anything else running on that machine eating up CPU? What you’re describing sounds exactly the way Pro Tools behaves when you open a session with missing audio and it starts searching the disk to reconnect media. Still works, but in slow motion. Possible that you have something beating up your disk like that?

PS - What audio hardware are you using? Fill out your signature so we can see more details…

It’s not that issue exactly. In my system, Nuendo reacts slow: i.e., press F3 for a 3 seconds waiting to get the mixer, but the mixer works quick when available.

It seems like the program is not optimized for speed.

hi antonio

can you post a project file up here so i can try it?

i totally agree with you though about the metering. it’s naggingly slow on osx.