Cubase 6 VST preview- Insert question

I just upgraded to Cubase 6 and am starting on my 1st film project under the upgrade. Been a long time Cubase user for years before this.

Cubase has a new way to display/preview plugins.

If I use a VST insert, like Altiverb, and doubleclick it to view it, Cubase 6 now displays a little “preview” of the interface. If I click on that preview, I can see the full sized version of the plugin and play with it.

I don’t generally keep plugins open all of the time, so when I do open them, I would prefer to have the full-sized version visible right away. I’ve tried searching the operating manual, and the preference settings, but can’t seem to change this.


How can I change the settings to display the full-sized version of the plugin (by default) , rather than the mini-preview version?

Now that’s a feature I haven’t found yet! Are you on a Mac or PC?
I can’t even find a way to double click to open an insert, just single clicks here.
Can you describe the steps in detail how you get this behaviour?
System specs?