Cubase 6 w/Halion 4 bundle - free upgrade to C7 $369 ?

If it’s old stock that he still has, it could very possibly be a legit deal. That is a very good price, since if you’re using say, SX3, it would cost you $499 to upgrade, anyway. I see this is Alto Music, and have 12k+ positive feedbacks, so I doubt it’s a scam. I would jump on it if you’re really serious.

You do realize, however, that you’ll need to go to Windows 7, right? Once you’re running Win7, you’re really going to want (as in need) more RAM than what your mobos are holding.

That is a legit listing.

Wow, that’s a good deal indeed. If I were on the fence I’d jump :p.

I would guess it’s a full Cubase 6, which afaik is always sold with a dongle. Since registering a new copy of Cubase 6 now makes you elligible for a grace period upgrade, you get Cubase 7.
As far as I’m aware 32 and 64-bit were always sold together, there is no difference in license anyway.
Latest updates are always free, the exception was 6.5 which would be covered by this licence as well, since all of that was incorporated in 7 later on.

I posted the dongle question to the seller, and yes, it includes the dongle.

I first got into Steinberg by buying the VST32 software for half price after SX 1 came out then getting the free upgrade to SX. stayed on Cubase 5 and pretty much only use Cubasis now.

Beware: cubase 7 sucks.

Just beating the hornet nest :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s a reason to hold out in case of updates, you should get those anyway in a grace period as long as you don’t register your new license.

I’m reasonably sure that your computer will run 6/6.5. You get the 7 upgrade for free, and you can use that once you’ve got the horsepower (and OS) to support it.

Steve, tap the envelope icon and email him…then, make that crazy offer…what could he say…

I’m saying you can buy the product now, and just don’t touch it until you’ve got a system that you can actually use it on. As far as I know you can wait an eternity before using the software and still get a grace period upgrade to Cubase 15 :p.
So in short, updates will be free untill you decide to start using the software. Downside is you can’t start using Cubase 7 (or 6) if you want to try it right away and still recieve that free update that might come out before you buy a new machine.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong though, wouldn’t want to promise Steve a free update he won’t get :wink:.

Why do you need that much RAM? One should contemplate the reasons for their desires before acting upon them. Unless you’re using large amounts of VSTis, most of that “ridiculous(notice proper spelling)” amount of RAM will be idling.

If it’s an FW-1884, I’ll wager 10-to-1 that the firewire interface is shot, and doesn’t work. Did you test it?

BTW, congrats on being busy. We all need as much new business as we can get.

With RAM, it’s different. I doubt you’d use 16GB. Any more would certainly be a waste of resources. It’s your money, of course, but why spend it on something you don’t need? That “headroom” you’re speaking of is going to be above 10GB, in all likelihood, which means more than half of that 16 GB will go unused, pretty much forever.

Tascam poorly engineered the 1394a interfaces on these machines, and they have an alarming rate of failure. I’d get to checking it ASAP, if I were you.

All mechanical stuff. Their electronics…well, their 1394a interfaces, at least, were poorly designed.

I’m thinking maybe you’re doing something wrong, or your setup isn’t optimal. I presume you’re talking about 16-bit, 44.1 KHz tracks. If you’re running at higher sample rates, I could understand those numbers. With a quad-core and decent SATA drives, you should be able to get at least 32-48 tracks of audio, with some processing and a few VSTis. If you’re using VSTis that are processor hogs, you can render those tracks to audio for better performance.

Not quite. Just because your motherboard will hold 4 GB does not = your OS being able to use it. Your OS (WinXP x86 I presume [32 bit]) will only use about 2.75 GB of that 4GB, with at least 750 MB devoted to the OS. The most any app will have available is less than 2 GB, which is more or less elementary to this discussion. The chances that you will hit those ceilings are probably pretty low.