Cubase 6-Waves plugins are slowing down transport/GUI/meters

dear cubase users,

i’m using cubase 6 on my 2 monitors including the waves 8 bundle which in my opinion is one of the best bundle out there. However, sometimes when i load a waves plugin (Q8 for instance) the transport and the meters are starting to stutter/slow down and a terrible lag whitin cubase occurs. When i unload the plugin everything is back to normal.

The annoying thing is that this is not always the case when i load a waves plugin. Sometimes the plugins work without stuttering. I’ve installed the latest drivers for my videocard and visited a lot of forums to find a solution to this problem but still no succes.

I was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same problem and perhaps found a solution?
at this point i’m about to rip my face off! :cry:


Don’t rip your face off man, that ain’t gonna help.
If you post your system specs and Cuabse version and 32 or 64bit and so on , it will be easier for people to chime in and offer some help.
What is your ASIO Performance meter showing when this happens?

thanks for replying that fast johngar!

i’m using cubase 6.0.2, windows 7 32-bit, intel core 2 duo e8400 @ 3,50 GHz with 4 gb RAM.

the asio meter stays pretty much the same. Way below overload.

Has anybody got a clue?

I also experience this problem when either the Maschine vst or Audio Damafe Filter Station plugins are open. It’s just a visual lag, doesn’t effect audio.

Thats exactly what i expierence! Do you also have this problem occasionally?

if you find a solution please let me know:)

I have also been experiencing GUI lags in Cubase with Waves and Vienna Instruments Pro 2 plugins. It is surprising as Cubase does not have that high graphics requirements…