Cubase 6, what OS?

OK, I know this has been done many a times in the past, but for Cubase 6(.5) specifically, what is the better OS? W7 or Mac OS 10.7?

I wonder of course as Im in the market for a new computer. Currently on Mac OS 10.6.8 on my studio machine, but I really dont like the way I see the Mac OS is heading. Seems to go more and more in the direction of iOS, and 10.7.0 was FAR from stable. Maybe better now with 10.7.3? And as far as I know you can`t buy a new Mac now and run it with OS10.6?

Thank you very much for your “reply” thinkingcap. Since I didn`t really got much answers there I thought to try here instead. Since this really is a Cubase related question.
Nobody knows perhaps? No-one tried Cubase 6 on both W7 and Mac OS 10.7?


That link that offers 4 reasons to stick with Mac left out one pretty important reason:

Viruses, malware and trojans. If you don’t like these things, stick with your Mac. And, before somebody chimes in with the Java issue affecting 600K Macs last month, read this:

Well, I take that article with a pinch of salt. Those last where he just assumes that Mac OS is and has always been less vulnerable is pure bollox, sorry.

Read this as well:

Windows 7 wins from OSX in Steinberg audio performance hands down; check this.

So it’s Mac for pr0n sites and PC for music then.

Which platform do you like using best?

Use that one.

People say that Windows is superior. And that’s certainly what I’ve been lead to believe. I use Cubase 6 on windows and its stable as anything. I know someone who has it on a Mac and he’s well into his Mac stuff. But he believes it to be superior. I guess im saying that it can work well on both.

You know these Mac types though. they get well into it, believing its miles better n stuff. I guess if your one of those your one of those and you’ll know it. You’ll go over to the dark side as it were. But both can work. And in my opinion Windows is what it was intended for, and what it shines on.

Thank you for your replies guys.

Yes, that is good advice. :smiley:

I`ll wait for them to do a Cubase 6 OS 10.7/W7 test then. :wink:

I will not have my studio machine hooked up to the internet, so this won`t be a problem either way. :slight_smile:

no osx, I have a macpro and i run cubase with boocamp! pretty much better than osx


my Studio machine has been hooked up to the internet since windows 7 x64. I run the microsoft security app and have had Zero issues in either performance or security.

It’s more of a headache these days NOT to be connected to the internet.

to the OP, choose whichever OS you like to work in, computers are so powerful now that it’s not a big issue either way.

Performance wise Windows is ahead, but if you’re a fruit lover then use OSX.

One major issue I would point out that doesn’t seem to be mentioned in these discussions very often is:

Unless you use Steinberg Hardware,

THERE IS NO DIRECT MONITORING ON OSX so if you use the control room you’re at the mercy of Latency.