cubase 6 windows 7 Lynx unstable!!

I’m getting the occasional crash as well as a glitch embedded in some audio files. Though, if I restart cubase sometimes the glitch will disappear. I get em on mixdown files alot too. You zoom in on the file and it looks like a huge spike and sounds like a little burst of noise. When I reboot windows after having problems occasionally the lynx card won’t be recognized. Anybody else having similar problems? I tried doing a search on here but didn’t find much. Thanks in advance for any insight into my problem. Here are the specs to my system

Asus P55 mobo
intel i5 760 quad core
windows 7 (64bit)
cubase 6.0.2 (32bit)
Lynx two C plus ADAT exspansion card (drivers up to date)
UAD-1 (expecting a UAD-2 quad in the mail any day)

Hello, I just saw that the Lynx Aurora had a firmware update a couple weeks ago so maybe there’s one for your product as well. I just upgraded my firmware and haven’t had any problems to speak of…yet. :wink:

My drivers and firmware are for sure up to date. Thanks though.