Cubase 6 Windows 8 VST2 Instrument Issue

I have just purchased a new laptop that came with Windows 8. All seems to be working with my Cubase 6 with the exception of VST2 Instrument plug-ins.

When I add one of these plug-ins as an Instrument track or via the VST Instruments panel there is a fluctuation in the ASIO usage with the peak indicator lighting up frequently. This is accompanied by noise clicks on the output. VST3 Instruments and VST2 effects do not cause this issue. Things are working perfectly well on the Windows 7 desktop that I also operate.

Using a MOTU Ultra-lite Mk3 with associated ASIO drivers which I have just updated with no effect on the issue.

The VST2 Instruments work perfectly through the Ultra-lite Mk3 in native mode on the laptop.

Has anyone else had this issue? Do you have any answers to the problem.

Many thanks in advance.


On more research there are some very good forum posts with system testing performed (early Dec 2012) with similar set up to my own.

It would appear that this issue is common to Windows 8.

However no-one seems to have any answers. So I guess some patch will be required somewhere down the line.

I will approach Cubase support team and see what happens.