Cubase 6 with a Cubase 8 Key


My friend bought Cubase 8 and he’s got a hard time getting use to the new workflow. I read somewhere that you can install older version of Cubase like Cubase 6 and use the Cubase 8 key is it legal ? and is there a special setup you need to run and the security key ?

Thanks for the info.

You can have as many versions of Cubase as you want installed simultaneously – just update the eLicenser to the latest version as the last step.

Thanks for the reply but that not what I ask or maybe I don’t understand … If I only have the License for Cubase 8 on my Dongle key can I install Cubase 6 ? do I need to do something special … I still have my old Cubase 6 Box can I use the disk to install C6 then run it with is key

A Cubase Pro 8 license will allow you to run all versions of Cubase. It is legal and there’s no special setup. If you do install an older version, as a final step install the latest version of the eLicenser software.

Cool, Thanks again for the quick reply

Yeah, i ended up going back to C6 too, imo it’s the best version there ever was for stability/workflow, for me Cubase has been steadily getting worse and worse since then…

This post was not to complain about Cubase latest version … Myself I LOVE the new Cubase 8 I was trying to help a friend who prefer the older version and dont wanna spend time learning new stuff.