Cubase 6 with Mackie Universal Control Pro

I recently purchase a Mackie Universal Control Pro 2nd hand and connecting it via usb with Cubase 6 in Mackie mode.

The first 8 channels everything works perfectly fine.

However the “Fader Bank” (Bank and Channel) buttons, it’s suppose to jump 8 channels (or individually to the next track) when pressed but mine do nothing.

Can someone help advise how i can make the faders react to channels 9-16 etc in Cubase 6? I’ve tried playing around with the settings but nothing seems to work.

Mine work fine. I have 16 channels.

I don’t regularly use the banking because it’s useless to me compared with switching mixer views…but, it does work-there are some groupings that occasionally go over 16.

I mean–do all the other buttons on the MCU work appropriately? Maybe call Mackie? I found the Cubase integration quite quirky when I got them…they walked me through some self test stuff with the units…blamed some quirks on Steinberg (which I will believe given my history with them)…one thing–try going into your Device set up and clicking the “reset all” button in the upper left. See if that helps. I can tell you that will be the first thing they have you do.

To which faderbank buttons are you referring??
The faderbank 1 to 8 only work if you set faderbanks in the mixer(I believe, never tried that).

Yes…mixer views, technically. But, yes–you have to set them up.

The banks work on mine…I just don’t use them unless some mixer view goes over 16ch. But, they do work.

Did you reset all devices? Does the banking work in any other app? (if you have another DAW to check)…I forget what they had me do with a midi cable to test that the hardware is sending…on a PC, you could tie MIDIOX or something to the thing (cubase not running) and press the bank buttons–make sure they’re sending info. If they are, at that point, it’s a Cubase issue.

Try removing the MCU device in Cubase and adding it back (but you will lose any customizations).