Cubase 6 with Virus Ti 2 Polar

Hey all… I recently bought an Access Virus Ti2 Polar. It is my first hardware synth so im new to recording/ editing through MIDI tracks (I normally use Instrument tracks)

All it is when i normally create bassline’s etc. with my current soft synths (E.g Sylenth1) - I can simply use the Inserts tab to add distortion, compression etc.

With the virus it is all MIDI tracks, which only allows me to add MIDI inserts which arnt what i am looking for,

I have read the manual and watched tutorial videos but nothing is 100% clear - I was thinking i may need to export my tracks as audio first then edit them - but the amount of tweaking etc. i do i would be sat here all day exporting and re-importing.

It does let me put an effect on the track, but this however affects all tracks. - E.g The Virus lets you have upto 16 different tracks on it, assigned to 16 different MIDI tracks in cubase… However if i put say a distortion FX on, it will affect all 16 of my tracks not just the 1 i want it to…

Does anybody have any suggestions for me…



The Virus TI has 3 outputs. You have to activate all three of them manually, both in Cubase and in the Virus.

First of all, you have to load the Virus into a slot in VST Instruments (F11) since Cubase 6 doesn’t support multi-output in Instrument Tracks yet (they are going to support this in a later 6.x upgrade). In the VST Instruments window you see a little icon between “e”-button and the name of your plugin. If you click it, a little menu will show up where you can see all available outputs for that instrument/plugin.

Secondly, in the Virus, you have to choose what output, on each of the 16 midi channels, where you want the audio to go.

You will now have all three outputs of the Virus in the mixer, so you have 3 outputs for 16 channels (which is quite a lot for a hardware synthesizer - maybe with USB3 or Thunderbolt (Light Peak) we will be offered even more outputs).

Thanks for the reply!

I am at work at the moment so will be able to do this when i get in,

Just to make sure when i do do this later, i am not using the Virus as my audio interface (I.e not using any outputs in the back of the Virus) - That should still be ok shouldn’t it?

This may not be necessary but my set up is :

iMac 27’’ 4GB - M-audio firewire 410 soundcard - Yamaha HS80m’s - Behringer UMX 610 Midi controller keyboard - Access Virus Ti 2 Polar

Is it pointless having the M-audio soundcard if i have the virus to act as it?



Well, I wouldn’t use the Virus as a soundcard, never tried it though (using USB Outputs and using it as a soundcard is different things).

Thanks for your help - Much appreciated!

Hey i just got home and i am working on it now - I done what you said about making all available outputs - and it has given me 3 out channels, a virus ti channel, and also a MIDI channel that i created when i activated the instrument.

All it is i am in the virus config section. When i choose Out L & R 1 2 or 3 there is no sound, however when i change it to USB 1 2 or 3 i get sound played through my MIDI track?

I tried selecting 3 out 1 in in the Patch utility section of the virus but cubase brought a warning message up saying it wasn’t supported. However now i do have 3 USB channels that will allow a sound to come out of my speakers when a note is played

I dont think this is right though i should have them playing through the out 1 2 or 3 channels shouldnt i not the midi channel through USB?

Thanks for your help!

That is correct. When you use the Virus as this, it will behave just like any VST instrument. “Out 1-3” is the actual hardwares outputs, so to use those you have to connect audio cables from the Virus to your soundcard or mixer.

VST Instrument input is not supported by Cubase 6. Maybe in v7.