Cubase 6 won't quit

I upgraded from C4 to C6 a little while back, and from Win XP to Win 7 64-bit. Everything seems to be working fine, but Cubase won’t quit. I’ll save my current project, and then click on the “X” symbol in the upper right, or choose “Quit” on the File tab, but it just hangs up and gives me the spinning mouse icon until I Ctrl+Alt+Delete and force it to close. As I said, everything seems to be working fine (knock on wood), but this is a major annoyance…any ideas?

Thank you

Aloha M,
There has been ‘a lil’ discussion about this topic.

(hope this helps)


It happenens to me extremely rarely but fortunately I never lost a single project so far.

I can save a project without problems & then the main programme window won`t close.

So I cant even say I find it annoying. Though when I followed curteyes link, I was surprised to see how many people are affected by that.

Thank you for the link…I tried to search, but wasn’t sure what keywords to use…glad I’m not the only one with the problem, it’s got to be a known issue that they’re hypothetically working on. Thanks again!