Cubase 6 won't run

Hi, I tried everything to run Cubase 6, but it won’t run at all. Every time i’ll get the message " The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002) Click OK to terminate the application."
Cubase 5 is running fine and 6 also before, but now reinstalled everything and it won’t work anymore. I’m running win xp 2gb memory. I also installed the newest LCC. What can be the problem?

Possibly in need of .net 3.5 sp 1

I ‘heard’ recently of a solution or fix to (0cx0150002)…
C++ runtime should ideally be installed.
Remove other instances of .NET framework back to 2.0, then install .NET 3, then NET 3.5. The Service Pack was not installed. Restart
Run C6, it should then RUN and enter operation install. Bingo.
Ensure eLicencer is installed in Device Manager also.
Install latest version from web.