Cubase 6 Worth the leap from 5?


I have Cubase 5. It seems to pretty much do what i want it to do. Is cubase 6 that much of an improvement?
I’d only buy 6 i think if for example, it had a greater library of sounds/instruments available. More bells and whistles that way. Things like that.
BUT,if it like going from Fifa 10 to fifa 11 on the xbox (great product but not that much improved), then i’ll wait for cubase 7.



For me cubase 6 is a step back from 5, considering user experience. It is just too much of everything, while basic things are not intuitive. They just keep adding stuff, while user experience is not what it could be considering year 2011. I think they feel they can pass by with new version by just adding few plugins and changing GUI colors. In C6 a big thing was colored faders, for example. As I see it, Cubase6 is actually Cubase 4.8 or 4.9 or something.

The other day I swore to start using C6 features. Damn, I paid for it, I WILL use it, I said.
Loaded Loopmash, and turned it off after some time, kinda useless toy to me.
I fired Halionsonic SE, great, lets use midi, and ASIO started overloading after adding second channel of piano within one plugin instance. Had to bump buffer up, ok, but is this what I wanted, to be forced on 265samples buffer, when all other plugins work with 32 samples buffer on my RME HDSP cards?
OK, i said, I’ll slice a loop with Groove Agent, yea… Imported some audio on track, cut it and drag/drop to GA, and bang, C6 crashed. Restarted C6, trtied again, crash again. Then I bounced that part of audio, and it loaded fine. I have no idea why. Surely, I now had 16 slices loaded, wanted to change global filter, but where is it…? No global filter. OK, I’ll just select all slices, and change filter for all of them at once… NO. Cannot edit more than one slice at a time. Waste of time. Damn half made toy sampler!

Its little things, that don’t work, and make you loose your mind in the middle of session. C6 looks promising, if all worked as promised and advertised, but as it is, all the new things you get, are mostly useless to me.

Sure, some bug fixes from C5 are welcome. But customer shouldn’t be expected to buy C6 just to get C5 bugs fixed. And now I’ll have to buy C7 to get C6 bugs fixed??? I don’t want to buy new version just to get bugs fixed for the version I bought already!

Don’t buy, wait for C7. Or even better, wait for C8 or C9, hopefully by then things will be improved.

ok, thanks sonic state. I’ll take your advice.

I have c5.(Vista 64, i7 processor 9gb ram) When i load vst instruments for example “Addictive drums” the window doesn’t always appear correctly. Close it, open it, close it, open it, works. Its a bit temperamental that way.
When i upgrade to 5.5, addictive drums works fine…but some of the projects i created in 5.0 won’t open. Argghhh

You have to adapt, but its in my opinion a good progression, I like C6

Just to name a couple of C6 only features that come to mind directly.

Cubase 6 =

  1. Extremely improved transient and hitpoint detection
  2. Automatic Tempo Detection
  3. Improved Audio quantize
  4. Multitrack Audioquantize
  5. Improved Quantize Menu
  6. Drum Replacement
  7. Comping
  8. Redesigned Folders
  9. Group Editing
  10. VST Expression 2, Per Note Parameter Control
  11. Quick control MIDI Learn Functionality for Plugins
  12. Improved Key Editor Interface.
  13. Timestretch Improvements
  14. VST Amp Rack (High Quality Guitar Amp and Effectsection)
  15. Loopmash 2
    16 HalionSonic SE
  16. Interface Improvements
  17. New Timestretch Algorithms
  18. Improved Grid Functionality

There is more…

Check out the C6 Demo and make up your own mind.


ok, thanks for the info/advice guys

+1 :smiley:

I personally feel overall it is worth the update. It is the sum of all the little changes that really impressed me. The new automation, much cleaner, more refined look on the eyes, vastly improved timestrecthing algos, the grid changing to quantize values, the improved piano roll inspector for midi etc have made this worth while. Steinberg have been quite good with the updates too and being at only 6.04 I am sure we will see new additions, changes and fixes right up to release 6.5+ which is usual for Cubase releases.

If 5 works then 6 will too.
If you have problems with 5 then going to 6 chances are it will probably not improve things overmuch.
And don’t just look here for opinion but take a look at some of the music or keyboard mags as well. Too many regular company-naggers here. Some will tell you that if Cubase works you’re not using it right. :mrgreen:

To me, Cubase 6 is the best version since SX3, though it’s not perfect yet.

Another C6 fan here but with reservations. I still have C5 on my desktop. Reliability, on my system, has never been better than C5 (and the comping is different) but C6 is close enough to do serious projects without too much hassle.

Video is my priority at the moment otherwise I’d still be on 5 which, as you say, has nothing wrong with it.

Cubase 6 is the best cubase ever, imo. WIth a decent freeze, it just will be the best daw of the market. And for 150 euros the cubase 5 to cubase 6 update is a no brainer.

@sonicstate : i used to say loopmash was a toy until i understood the way you must use it. Now, i really think it’s the best remix / breaking tool i’ve ever used. You must use it in your own song with your own material. Breathtaking results and firework of new ideas guaranteed.

Vastly overlooked point from many users, who If they record Band material etc, never really used the timestretch feature…is the following…

vastly improved timestretching algorithyms,vastly improved timestretching algorithyms,vastly improved timestretching algorithyms,vastly improved timestretching algorithyms,vastly improved timestretching algorithyms,vastly improved timestretching algorithyms,vastly improved timestretching algorithyms,vastly improved timestretching algorithyms,vastly improved timestretching algorithyms,…

ok enough.Im sure you get the point, if you make electronica in any genre, Then C6 is a no brainer… :smiley:

I forgot to mention, timestretching algorithms are vastly improved.

Really! :smiley:

What’s the problem about Freezing? I use it and it works as it should :confused:

Definitely do it but you’ll probably hate the new lanes. When you get your head around the new way they work - actually much easier than you expect - you’ll love them. But at first you will be re-editing C5 comps and it will all go tits up. Consider printing your comps before using C6 or redoing your comps from scratch again.

Apart from that, absolutely no problems whatsoever, don’t know what all the whingeing’s about, don’t know what you’re waiting for… :wink:

Certainly worth the update here IMHO…
I don’t really have a problem with the new lanes… in fact i find them highly intuitive but i know that some don’t…
time stretch is pretty darned good! even on a low B on a 5 string bass :smiley: Variaudio seems to have improved somewhat although still its range needs increasing to make it REALLY useful IMHO…
HS SE is fantastic! MUCH better than halion one… can’t say i’m too upset to see that back of that!
For me personally i REALLY like C6…

I didn’t take the leap from 5, but from 4.5, so I’m not sure how much this’ll help. I recommend trying the trial. I just used the demo for 6 minutes editing drums and it was a no brainer. The transients/hitpoints to midi/multitrack quantize is pretty great (and so much easier than the folder hotkey chop-chop “workaround”). I haven’t even gotten into the rest of the goods, but for those alone it was worth the upgrade price for me.

From my personal experience: i sold my Q5 when i moved from pc to mac.Went over to logic cause my mates also told me thats very logical move to make and they praised logic as hell.But im all about audio editing not that much of midi editing so thats where logic lacks.NOw im back to Q6 and really happy.One of the key factors were new timestretch algos that im really happy with, also Q6 is the most stable Q ive ever used.It depends what are you exactly doing with it

Did I mention that the new timestretching algo’s are … :laughing:

I think we all agree that we like Cubase 6…just a shame we have to wait to C7 for us to LOVE it…BTW also a point I wish to enlighten many of you, In Nuendo 5 you can drag & Drop a “Slice” from the Media Bay preview player into your project, & not just the whole file…any chance of us (Electronica) users shouting to the rooftops about getting this implemented in 6.5!!..

Its a fantastic feature…wouldnt it be nice to be able to preview a loop in sync & key, grab a sample from the aforesaid loop, and Drag it into GA1 or Kontakt…sweet eh! :astonished: (slap slap…yeah Im dreaming! :laughing: ) BUT what a timesaver/idea generator.

Cubase 6 has some new tools and features and I do think it is worth the upgrade overall. I would mention though, since you ask about the library and sounds, that I would NOT upgrade for that reason alone. It only has a slightly improved library over Cubase 5. HALion Sonic SE is a nice instrument but I still feel I need a full service library like Kontakt, Trilian/Omnisphere, or Komplete (been waffling over this for about 8 months now). Of course, I totally realize that it was never Steinberg’s intention to provide a Komplete (pun intended) library out of the box but just to provide a basic array of instruments and sounds to get the user started.
So, I guess I am just trying to say that if you just desire more instruments, put the $150 towards a full and proper library. If you think the features and tools improvements are helpful, go for it! I am pretty happy with my Cubase 6.