Cubase 6?

Anyone else found the new C6 a bit underwhelming?
Don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade, but after watching the demo videos I find myself trying really hard to justify paying for the 1 and a half feature I’d be using in C6. Especially since none of these features are anything new. The "new " automation is a shameless ripoff from FLStudio (of all software), the audio editing options feel like they were there before, but in a different package, and the GuitarRig/Amplitube clone is pretty much useless for anyone but people who lived under a rock until yesterday. :unamused:

Anyone out there really happy about the new C6? Which new features do you find useful?

The fact that the new automation is a ripoff doesn’t mean it’s useless :slight_smile:
I’ll probably update, just figuring out what version to get.

Not to be obvious, but why not read and post in the Cubase 6 forum?

And nobody’s holding an upgrade gun to your head either! :mrgreen: :wink:

I agree, L.F. I had kind of a “meh” reaction when I read the list of new features. Personally, I was more excited about 5.5 (still gotta upgrade to that!). C6 seems more like a patched update rather than a new version release…

and @NorthWood MediaWorks: I don’t think L.F. can post in the C6 forum (without buying C6), due to these odd restrictions Steinberg chose to place on its members.

I have C4 and can post in C6…

In fact almost no one has C6 and look at all the posts in there?

I wanted to hear opinions from people who didn’t upgrade yet.

And nobody’s holding an upgrade gun to your head either! > :mrgreen: > > :wink:

True… but it still feels like a wasted opportunity. Had such high hopes for C6. Call me spoiled, but I’m used to software being actually tangibly better with each mayor version (especially when it’s not a free update), and I’m used to buying upgrades, so thinking of not upgrading the software I use daily is kind of new to me. Maybe v6.5 will add some actual polish and features worth the upgrade. :neutral_face:

Still, one thing I can’t figure out… looking at this release strictly from a marketing point of view, I really can’t find a single feature here that would make anyone switch to cubase. Can’t understand such a passive attitude, when most other DAW’s are doing everything possible to grab and keep new users.
But I guess SB knows something I don’t.

Anyways, hopefully SB comes out with a demo version soon. Looking forward to trying it out, but until then my money stays where it is. :wink:

Early indications are that C6 is going to be very stable with a lot of small improvements, excluding the obvious things like new time stretch, elastic audio, multi-track quantise and tab to transient, beat detection, new lane editing etc.

A lot of complaining was done pre C6 for steinberg to get the core functions sorted before major new functions.

Well, looks like they got what the asked for :laughing:

Well, that’s good then, although I haven’t really had many stability issues in C5, especially when compared to C3 or 4.

Oh, ok. Fair enough.

In a completely unrelated note, I find it interesting that upgrading from C4 and C5 is the same price.

As it was for Sx3 and C4 to C5.


Most posters in the C6 forum don’t have it yet, but there they are posting!

I agree that there was perhaps a little less razzle dazzle than expected, but if that is lacking because the old bugs are exterminated and the platform is stable, then I’m in.


After reading your post I made myself laugh because I realized my buying habits
when new releases of audio apps come out:

new version of Ableton: “of course, eventually.”
new N.I. Komplete: “Will buy this, maybe i’ll skip this version…”
new Logic: " if they finally fixed that ten year problem, well either way i will get it, but i hate buying Logic."
new version of Cubase: “Priority Alpha. I ALWAYS buy the newest Cubase release, ya almost have to! lol.”

I just naturally know right away that the latest Cubase version (and reason) is a definite buy it.

Ok, here’s my take.
I made a jump from VST 5 to Cubase Studio 4 so I’m not familiar with what’s in between. The Studio version has been a tailored fit for me and I had no need to go to the full version for C4 or 5. In C6, there are 3 versions. Second to the C6 full version, there is Cubase Artist 6. No more Studio version. Unfortunately, This artist 6 is a “downgrade” to the C Studio users and that forces us to go to the full version if we were to upgrade at all.
This makes me very un-interested in this upgrade as I can see no advantage to my style of recording by upgrading. I’m not going to complain about no new bells and whistles because I’ve seen way too many posts of users demanding bug and glitch fixes in the next version rather than new candy. I just personally don’t agree with that having to be a paid concept as us users already paid for those features to be working and that should have been a patch. The new version should be new concepts, features and instruments. My system works fine as is and I feel that if I upgrade, I’m paying for other users fixed problems and furthermore, don’t have the option to upgrade to anything but the full version. So CS5 it is, until a possible C7 in the future, predicated that it is more of a new presentation rather than a paid fix it with a few crumbs thrown in. I’ve always had good things to say about Cubase and SB but this is a step back in business concept. There is no gun to my head to upgrade but there is an opinion to be said and there goes any upgrade excitement for me. I hope the rest enjoy.


My thoughts exactly. I actually expected this to be a bit more aimed at fixing and enhancing stuff than new features, but TBH of all the half-baked features and unfinished ideas within the program itself, almost none got any attention. There is just such a vast spectrum for improvement inside cubase, that these few “new” features although not bad, are just a drop in the sea, so to speak. Looking at other DAW developers and the features they add to software in mayor new version releases, I can’t help but feel a little cheated.
Still, I hope those who buy it enjoy it, and I know i like the new GUI at least, so who knows… maybe when the upgrade price drops I’ll buy it for that :wink:

There is no gun to my head to upgrade but there is an opinion to be said and there goes any upgrade excitement for me.

Same here.

The price is $149 to upgrade. I piss more than that in a given night out. I like the new features. The Elastic Audio type thingy, HalionSonic SE bundled, the lane track improvements, haven’t played with LoopMash but it looks like it’s going to be fun to just trip out with, mobile media bay works for me working at my friends place, notepad track export is going to be great since I actually use it, the command console looks like a good workflow enhancement, and the GUI design also look nice. It’s worth it to me. YMMV

Hey JikkySTS,
I’m glad it works for you. There are things I don’t work with much outside of midi sequencing and heavy audio recording including a fair amount of editing. That’s why many other users including myself wanted to travel a little lighter by getting the studio version. We’re just disappointed that that option was taken away from us.
The price that SB quoted me was 199.99. I presume you’re already at the full version anyway so it will be less for you and you are used to the full features. You can add on yet another 200 for me as I would have to convert to W7 just to be compatible with this upgrade. Like I said before, I don’t know of any DAW or major program that isn’t backwards compatible at least to Vista. I built a pretty strong and able computer just last year and here I have to upgrade just to upgrade.
It’s cool for those already in W7 and are already at the full version. I guess it all depends on your budget too.

+1 for Suprawill1’s comment.
I made a specific inquiry to support about upgrading last week from an earlier version to C5 for a freind of mine who was nervous about trying it because the package did not specifically mention the version he had. The answer I recieved- quote-“just buy Cubase 6”
I now wonder how Steinberg will look at the users of 5.5 from now on, if we choose not to upgrade due to budget or OS preference. Are we now all “old School” who won’t buy the shiny new car because the one we have now serves us just fine and we’d just like repairs when neccessary?
Eventually you’ll find yourself on a road your car can’t travel and it will need repair to go forward, and it’s at this point one could say “oops, can’t fix your car anymore, but look-I have a new one you can buy”
It’s like they contructed a new Autobahn (Win7) and we are not allowed on it unless we conform to the new road rules.
These are just my thoughts on the subject, I mean no disrepect to anyone at Steinberg and understand the need for progress, just hope they will not forget who got them this far down the road.

I have C5 and C4E (for mobile) so I have both ends. The Studio version leaves you stuck in the middle… That sux. $199 is still not bad. $99 is the price for me to upgrade my C4E to Cubase Artist 6 also. So I’ll be out of $200 as well.

It’s been confirmed that C6 will work on Vista. I’m still on Vista Business 64 myself. I’ll probably upgrade to W7 soon tho. If you don’t upgrade by the time I get my upgrade I will review how it’s working on Vista 64. Saving an extra $200 would help your budget.

That would be great JikkySTS. I’m on that very same OS. At least I could keep within the upgrade expense and still perform on Vista. I guess the only problem would be that SB won’t support if I needed it. Not that I couldn’t find answers from the friends here on the forum but knowing SB would drop me isn’t comforting.
I’ll wait for your review before I take any steps.

BTW, I wonder if SB is going to offer a demo version.