Cubase 6.

Hello. On Ebay I purchased Steinberg Cubase 6 Full Retail and can’t install on the computer. When installed, the computer issues an informational window that Cubase 6 has already been registered by another user. I contacted the seller and he assured me that the license is genuine. What should I do in this situation? Thank you. :question:

Have the previous owner “unregistered” it. Use the license resale wizard. I assume you got a physical USB dongle with a license on it and it works?

I have a boxed version with USB eLicenser. I install or try or registry program -

If you have the ELicenser with the license on it (!) everything is good. Cubase should start with the dongle plugged in.

No need to download a license in this case, as it’s already there (and has been downloaded with the activation code from your box - this code only works once). Click the link Jaslan posted and follow procedure/check with the seller to make the license yours.

If there’s no license on the dongle contact the seller.

Thanks. Contact with the seller.