cubase 64 bit & quadrafuzz

Hi there ! I’m just about switching from xpsp3 to seven 64 bit and i want to know if the quadrafuzz is still here in cubase 64…

Aloha j,

Not sure about the Win side but I have not seen QF for a long time
on the Mac side.

If it is still with us, I cannot find it.


If it’s not on the install disc, it is downloadable. Since it’s a legacy plugin, it probably won’t be 64 bit though don’t know about Mac UB / Intel Mac compatibility…

Copy it from older Cubase discs or download SX3 from

I know it works in 32bit, but haven’t tried it in 64bit (should work with the bridge though).

Hi guys ! Thank you for responding. I’m still on cubase 6 32bit and i get it but i really hope it will work with the bridge in c6 64, because it’s a usefull tool for fatening sounds and equalizing. Use it on every project…

No need to download the whole SX 3 installation, QF can be downloaded on its own

Hello, guys!

It’s pretty old topic, but I want to ask: anyone find a way to make quadrofuzz work in 64 bit? jBridge can’t bridge it :frowning: It gives me an errror: “Plugin require Nuendo 2.0” and do not create 64 version :frowning:

Maybe is there any other solution?

Just pop it in your vst folder, The Cubase bridge works fine.

Not any more it doesnt! Since pro 9. How can we get quadrafuzz to work in Pro 9 please Steinberg??