Cubase 64 bit vs Reaper 64 bit and the Focusrite Liquid Mix

Hi all,

I have been a long time user of the Focusrite Liquid Mix. For the past few years, I have noticed that it does not work during the exporting of mixdowns with the 64bit version of Cubase 6.5 and Cubase 8.

It works perfectly for everything else, but when I have to mix down, I need to switch to the 32bit version of Cubase, and it works fine there. Any tracks with the Liquid Mix on it just seem jumbled up, random snare hits out of time.

I had thought that because it was a relatively old piece of tech that it was just a reality of technology but since the general silly issues brought in by Cubase 8, I have looked into Reaper more and more.

I have found that Reaper 64bit exports mixdowns with the Liquid Mix perfectly.

What could be going on in Cubase 64bit that would make the unit fail? Is there anything under the hood which I can try and change in the settings?

I can’t pinpoint when I started getting the issue. When I moved to Cubase 64bit, it was with my move to C6.5 and I did not need the Liquid Mix that much. Before then, it was C5 32bit which I used it on. It is the same issue with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. I had hoped it was a Windows issue, but a recent trial with W7 confirms that it is a Cubase issue.


Have you tried doing a Real Time Export? That might be a workable solution.

I am pretty sure I tried that as a troubleshooting method a long time back, but I will try again next time I can to be double sure. But for now, lets say that wont work for the sake of the threat.

Thanks for the tip

MS Legacy fw driver installed and selected?

MUST be exported in realtime.


Sorry to hear that you’re having some problems with the Liquid Mix. I thought it would be worth mentioning that the Liquid Mix plugin is 32-bit only so if you’re having some problems when using the 64-bit version of Cubase then it might be down to however the plugin is being wrapped for this format. Unfortunately, since the Liquid Mix was discontinued quite some time ago there is no 64-bit version in the works, though I’m glad to hear that you’re still able to get everything to work usin the 32-bit version of Cubase.

Jack // Focusrite Technical Support

Thanks Jack.

Its more a question of how Reaper 64 can have the Liquid Mix operating perfectly (non-real time export btw) but Cubase 64 is where the issue is.

Its more a question of how Reaper 64 can have the Liquid Mix operating perfectly (non-real time export btw) but Cubase 64 is where the issue is.

From the support pages: The Liquid Mix cannot bounce faster than real-time due to the way the DSP on the hardware works.

Reaper is possibly working in realtime even though you’re telling it to export offline??

I have a liquid mix too and in the next days I will try a 64bit export and report back. I use Jbridge for wrapping my 32 bit vst’s to 64 bit and it is 1000% more reliable the the build in bit bridge. One more thing to try is to freeze the track using the liquid mix. On mixdown the frozen track will be used so if the frozen track is ok , the bounce will be too.
It will take a few days but feel free to PM me if I forget :wink:

Thanks for that. However, that is not the issue.

The Liquid Mix will export just fine in 32bit Cubase and 64bit Reaper regardless of whether you select real time or non real time export.

The issue I have is only in 64bit Cubase in that regardless of the export settings, all tracks which have the Liquid Mix as an insert export jumbled up, with random snare hits which are totally out of time with the song, as an example.

Vinark may get to his studio before I get to mine to try the fix he outlined, I look forward to hearing how Jbridge handles things.

Thanks all

I have tested it (with Cubase 8.035 and J bridge). It does work, but realtime export needs to be ticked. Doing a non real time export causes clicks or crackling or other audio distortion (depending on the buffer size) with asio guard enabled. With asio guard disabled and non real time export the tracks are out of sync but audio ok.
With real time export both cases are fine.
Since there is no difference in exporting time with liquidmix and non realtime, I see this as acceptable.
If you go the jbridge route, there is one important setting. “Run in existing auxhost” should be ticked in both the stereo and mone bridged plugin. It is one time set and forget. Jbridge is great with great support!
For people reading this, it also works great with the old universal audio UAD1 dsp cards.
Let me know how it goes.

I went the Jbridge route in the time before I got to the studio and can confirm your findings.

While I think of it, Reaper reports a 1.2x export speed rather than real time when exporting with the LiquidMix in non-realtime mode.

Thanks for the tip vinark!

hi there…
the problem whit the liquid mix plug in whit el capitan and wavelab 9 in 32 bit mode , in cubase 8.5 32 bit mode works fine
the wavelab 9 64 bit version whit jbridgem doesnt works fine opens the plug ing and sounds good for a moment then stops sound but i see how the liquidmix plug in continues working, if bypass the liquid mix the sound come again

in 32 bit mode doesnt recognize the liquidmix plugs