Cubase 64 key commands mess


I’ve been struggling with Cubase 6 64 for the past few days, to try and fix the mess around the key commands issues (no problem with the 32 bit version by the way).
After all my efforts failed, I decided to try loading a key commands preset. First I noticed that cubase looks for a *.key file instead of *.xml, so I created a new preset and tried to load it, just as a test. The preset has been saved as an XML file and I had to change the file filter in order to load it, only to get a message which says that the file I just saved is not a key command file :confused:

Dialog screenshot:
Did anyone encounter such issue? Any suggestions / workarounds?


Key Commands.XML goes in the App Data folder.

Thanks. I loaded this file without any error messages popping, but nothing seems to be changed - my key commands are still messed up.

Might want to try trashing Prefs and then putting the file there again. Start Cubase.

Thanks. Now I can at least see the list of presets I saved, but still have issues with some key commands… to be more specific, the “To Marker 1-9” transport command seems to be triggering “Set Left Locator” and “Set Right Locator” together. That doesn’t happen on the 32bit installation.

Does anyone else experience the same behavior?

Thanks :frowning: