Cubase 64bit Mac-Lion or(vs) SnowLeop?


Is any difference if You use Cubase in 64 bit with Lion or Snow Leopard? Usage, stability, 32-bit plugin usage, CPU usage? Any difference or improvements? In other words, is worth to upgrade Mac to Lion only for C6?

Thanks in advance!

Soory for “up”…really not any thoughts and experience? thanks!

Sorry, I can’t be of much help as I’m still on Snow Leopard, too - but I’d be interested in an answer to that question as well.

What I have read in other forums though seems to indicate that there is no performance gain in Lion, rather the contrary - that is SL seems more efficient.

But I too would like to hear some real-world experience!

Me too!

Well, in the meantime I’ve upgraded to Lion and to my surprise Cubase performs a tiny little bit better under Lion on my system… but the difference is very small. At least it hasn’t got worse :wink:

Just be sure to deactivate the new window zoom animation, it gets very annoying after some time:

To stop it run this command in your Terminal:

defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAutomaticWindowAnimationsEnabled -bool NO

To get it back, set the “NO” To “YES”

defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAutomaticWindowAnimationsEnabled -bool YES

I’m debating this myself and I tried launching Snow Leopard in 64-bit mode but Cubase still comes up as a 32-bit app. The system info is showing a 64-bit environment so does Cubase need to start differently to get it into a 64-bit mode?


In your Applications folder, right click on Cubase 6 and “get info”, then, you UNCHECK the “launch in 32bit mode”. Close the get info, launch Cubase, and it should be in 64bit mode.

In my experience, Lion is MUCH more resource hungry than Snow Leo. I noticed my battery draining nearly twice as fast as it does with SL too. My settings were as mirrored as could be. It seemed to me, I lost about 25% performance JUST using Lion. Mind you Im on an old 2.4 Core 2 Duo with the standard 2gb RAM (soon upgrading to 6).

All the gimmicky iOS crap, I hated anyway, so I downgraded back to SL. When I did (roughly 2 months later), Snow Leo was SO FAST compared to Lion, on my system. Havent looked back! or forward in this case. If I had a newer mac, Id downgrade that as well!

As far as 64bit in Snow Leo, on my system, theres about a 10% increase on the load. EWQL Symphonic Choirs seems to play a little more smoothly, but havent done much testing.

Aloha guys,

Lion offers no advantages for Mac DAW users.
No improvements/enhancements in CoreAudio or CoreMIDI.

However I find Cubase 6 itself to be very solid in both OS versions.

Lion seems to me to be more about getting Mac users used to an
iOS interface.

I’m sure new upcoming OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
will bring us even more in that direction.

Seems to me that Apple is slowly building that ‘walled garden’ around us.


Thanks SirJoseph! I have 8gb on an i7 MBP and was having terrible load times of samples and NI instruments. I’m hoping to avoid Lion but have a feeling we’ll be forced soon enough when the new OS arrives and support for SL fades.