Cubase 64bit RAM Limitation

Just installed my Cubase 5 64-bit on an HP Elite with Win7 Home Premium 64-bit ( Phenom II Quad w/8GB RAM ) & currently using a Presonus Firebox as the Interface. When I start running my Virtual Instruments my ASIO meter goes through the roof; spikes, & pops during tracking etc. I check my Systems Task Manager to check RAM usage on the PC and it’s not even hitting 3GB of my 8GB available.

I tried various settings in the Device Manager, still CUBASE is not accessing anymore RAM. What am I doing wrong ? Already have my PC setting to allow 6GBmin - 8 GBmax in “My Computer’s” Preferences. I’ve read all over the place that a 64-bit system will use the available RAM that I have installed. Do I need to reconfigure the PC then reinstall CUBASE fresh? Any Help will be much appreciated. Thanks in Advance!

are you hoping if you post it in every forum you will have a plethora of answers to choose from?

ASIO Meter and RAM usage do not correlate. ASIO meter is more correlated with CPU usage.

I also notice now that I have added a lot of RAM to my system, I can now load enough VSTI to max out the CPU before I max out my RAM - before 64-bit, it was the other way around: RAM topped out before CPU.

If you run out of RAM using VSTI, Cubase/Nuendo will either crash (if the VSTI is not smart) or the instrument sample set will not load (the VSTI is smart enough not to load it).

it was my first post and wasn’t sure which area would get the better response. so…i went fishing and got what i needed. i’m actually about to drop the delta 1010 in tonight and see what happens. *crossing my fingers to avoid any issues.

How fast are you hard drive(s)?

Are the sample libraries and session audio on different drives as well?

Not streaming cubase, the session’s audio and VIs (sample libraries) from the same drive improves performance a good deal
(especially if you have some faster drives, good cache etc…)

obviously a huge hardware buffer can help come Mix time when your dropping in a bunch of plug ins on top of the taxing VIs

depending on your VI - some can let you choose to stream from disk or load into RAM - one of EW’s Play’s nicer features

Kontakt gives you some solid memory management options as well or at least pretty easy monitoring of your resources

And sometimes a good ol (still sadly un-editable) freeze to the VI will help a session drastically

The ASIO meter has nothing to do with RAM.