Cubase 64bit RAM Limitation

Install the 32 bit version of Cubase and your problems will go away.

I installed C5 64 using a Firebox Project using the Cubase VST effects and could not get it to play back smoothly. I tried every setting, and nothing.

Uninstalled everything, installed C5 32 bit, and everything works just fine now.

Make sure that you use the legacy firewire windows drivers in Window 7 for Presonus interfaces. After I did that, my Presonus Project interface worked fine.

Use jbridge with the performance mode selected, jbridge allows access to all the available RAM and runs each vsti in its own memory space. Try the demo.
I Jbridge all my third party 32 bit plugins with performance mode without problems.

The developer is contactable and very proactive in helping, for the amount spent it is service beyond the call of duty. my post at end is now fixed in ver 1.27

This is an alternative to going back to 32 bit, there are people using jbridge to use 64 bit plugins in 32 bit cubase as well, so as to avoid the ram limitation of 32 bit cubase.
It is an amazing piece of software.

wait – I’m confused. I thought the purpose of jbridge was to make 32bit plugs sympatico with a 64-bit app… not the other way around

This was my thinking as well – I know of a couple companies that have put up Win 7 ASIO drivers that don’t work. So people are using earlier drivers to work with Win 7

You’re not confused. It works both ways. As Oscat says, “it’s an amazing piece of software.”
The only reason to ever leave Cubase 32 is to reap the advantage of all your ram. Jbridge lets you do the same thing. It just does it in 2G allotments per application. If your needs exceed that value, then go to Cubase 64.
And yes, if you have 64 bit plugs and instruments that you need to run in Cubase 32, then Jbridge converts that for you too.

Works both ways.