Cubase 7.0.2 - 7.0.3 Tracks & Text Colors???

Hey guys i know this is not a major issue but the fact that in the newer version (7.0.2 upwards) we can change the color of the workspace endlessly but not of the tracks, text & mixer’s general color (hue & intensity) like in 7.0 really bothers me, the look had an over all cohesiveness to it. The lack of customization in these areas i think really takes away from the user. i’ve attached an example of the customization i had in 7.0 much prefer it to this dull unsaturated grey i’m stuck with now :cry: :cry: :cry: i feel 7.0 gave you better control of the overall look but not the individual elements like the newer ones i’d like to see changing the overall look back in a future update! :cry:
(not to mention the other problems people have outlined already :angry: )
Cubase colours_crop.jpg