Cubase 7.0.2 and 7.0.3 hangs on closing

Just encountered this error message after installing a Steinberg update for Cubase 7, version 7.0.2. Then, when shutting down, after a pause, I get the following message: “Cubase has stopped working.” “Search for a solution online.” “Shut down now.”

This happens with the 32-bit version as well. Some threads say this is caused by Automap 4.6. Steinberg thought it was a conflict with my audio driver for my soundcard (did an upgrade…didn’t help).

Steinberg Support had me upgrade to 7.0.3…no change either. Got a new beta driver and update for Novation Automap from their support staff, and that hasn’t made any difference. Steinberg now says I should just reinstall my Windows 7 O.S., which is just a crap idea. To reinstall all my VSTi’s and plugins will take at least four days, and then I have to reactivate all the plugins. :frowning:!

Any ideas???

Recap from correspondence:

Product: Cubase 7 (645540-5BDD42)
Version number: 7.0.3

Platform: PC
OS: Windows 7 64
CPU/Computer model: Intel Core i7
eLCC / LCC: eLicenser Control Center (eLCC)
Clock speed: 2.8ghz Intel i7-930
RAM (GB): 12
Audio Hardware/Driver version: E-MU 1820m
MIDI Interface/Driver version: E-MU 1820m

Subject: Cubase stopped working on shutdown

I have just upgraded to Cubase version 7.0.3. I am now encountering a freeze at shutdown in both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions.

“Cubase has stopped working.”
“Search for a solution online.”
“Shut down now.”

Thanks all!
Cubase shutdown error details Apr 5 2013.txt (813 Bytes)
Cubase Shutdown Error v1.JPG

Does Cubase give you this message when you quit or do you only get it when opening Task Manager and click on “Cubase not responding” after trying to quit Cubase? If the latter, then wait instead. Make a coffee, take the dog for a walk. Chances are it will close eventually, though that isn’t set in stone. Not ideal but force closing corrupts my sound card drivers causing a reboot to get them back. Your mileage might vary.

This is a long term, on going problem that only occurs with Cubase. Search the Forum for “Cubase hangs on exit” or look on the miscellaneous forum for a quite recent one.

Also, out of interest, try this. When you’ve finished your session, save your file. Then make a change. Move a clip or something. Then go to File/Quit. Choose, Don’t Save. See if that makes any difference. Sometimes does and sometimes not.

Sorry to report but there doesn’t appear to be a clear answer to this problem and because it only affects a minority, Steinberg don’t appear too interested.

And as a side note. I still get this issue even after reinstalling Windows 7 onto a brand new SSD, though the method above has improved things for me. Further more, this is a cross platform problem for both MAC and PC.

The only common factor is the dongle.

Good luck.

Hi Dark Blue Man,

Thanks for your reply.

This happens every single time I exit now, whether using the 64-bit or 32-bit versions. After installing the 7.0.3 update to the 32-bit version there was a brief period when it didn’t hang up. It only takes 5-6 seconds for the Windows error message to appear. I’ve never had to use Task Manager to quit Cubase, I just click the option ‘Stop Cubase Now’ to exit out.

So, I’ll try your method and see what happens next.

I’ve been using Cubase since 2006, and invested in two major upgrades since then, so I’m loathe to go to another DAW…but boy, I’m I ever tempted by the new Windows version of Digital Performer 8. I won’t even consider their attractive crossgrade offer until I make sure that Novation Automap and most of my effects and mastering plugins are a-okay with it.

I’m going to submit the error logs to Microsoft, but I ain’t holding my breath.

All the best,

No I advise not holding your breath :slight_smile:,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45175338,d.d2k&fp=6e9661107e956e67&biw=1537&bih=877


Thanks for the threads link on Google. I have discovered the controversial Dongle issue, and this may be worth considering. Here’s why…

The only other ‘new’ thing I’ve added just before I upgraded to Version 7.0.2 was a new plugin by Eventide: Blackhole. Awesome reverb plugin, emulating the Space pedal progams. Now, in order to run Blackhole, I had to order and install a new iLok 2 dongle. So, there are now two iLoks on my DAW computer. The original one has Cubase 7, NI Kontakt and a few other VSTi’s by Sample Logic and Heavyocity. Additionally, Blackhole seems to be a 32-bit plugin only, so perhaps it’s hanging up the VST Bridge in Cubase, or its that plus the dual iLok configuration.

I’ll submit this new data to Steinberg Support on the same ticket and see what they say. I could move all the eLicenser licenses on iLok 1 to iLok 2, consolidating them…but will wait to hear from the tech at Steinberg. I’ll also query Eventide regarding Blackhole compatibility issues with 64-bit DAW’s.

More news as it breaks…

I have a iLock 2 installed for VCC and UBK-1 x64 but was getting the hang-on-exit issue before fitting it. I would get the problem about 30% of the time but much less since I’ve been doing the quit without save method. Why? No idea.

I also have an old EMU 1820m sound card, 2 UAD-2 cards and a PowerCore Element Firewire (with Access virus);

Thing is, people with this problem have all sorts of set ups. The one and only common item is the elicencer dongle, though I also have a Vengeance side chain thingy on that too.

A possibility, though not to my knowledge proven, could be that some dongles have an intermittent fault that causes them to go into a perpetual loop when receiving an exit call. Sounds logical but nothing more than a guess really.

“Cubase has stopped working.”
“Search for a solution online.”
“Shut down now.”

I had this also it was doing my head in. My problem turned out to be Deamon Tools the low level ghost drive it puts on the system was making Cubase 7, 7.02 and 7.03 hang and also crash to a BSOD I have removed Deamon Tools and not had a crash since. If you have mini dump files from the crashes get a tool called bluescreenview it can tell you which program file or kernel that is making it crash. It’s a very handy little tool it found my issue no problems the Deamon Tool file showed up top of the list in every crash. I have had no more issues since. Hope this helps

This has been an issue since Cubase 4 or 5.
Considering this length of time I am inclined to believe it is either very hard to fix or dev time is going to more “important” tasks, such as creating new features like Steinberg Hub…

Thank you DB and promotouk. Valuable advice. That thing about the ghost drive rang a bell…I’ve got a Seagate 1TB external drive attached that runs most of the time, so that may be glitching things up as well. I’ll download and run the BlueScreenTools, as I did save all the Windows mini-dump files.

Once I have something concrete to report, y’all be the ones to know about it!

Have a great weekend…very grateful.

Arion :smiley:

A while back, it used to be setting MMC active in the Transport menu that’d make C7.0 crash on Quit. That’s been resolved since 7.0.2.

Last night I finally got around to updating Melodyne and discovered that this latest version (v2.1.0) will now crash C7.0.3 on quit, either in 32 or 64bit modes. And it doesn’t matter if the plug-in is used in the active Project or not. I reverted back to v2.0.1 and everything behaves normally again.

On OSX 10.6.8.

I think you’re beginning to discover that there doesn’t appear to be any one single aspect to the cause of this problem, as is also the case with certain other issues. So now that you have joined the elite SBHOEC (Steinberg Hangs On Exit Club) bearing in mind that Nuendo users aren’t exempt, please be sure to report your findings as it may just help someone.

In fact, I think it would be helpful if Steinberg created a sub-forum for this reason. A sort of “what was your problem and how did you fix it” forum. That would be cool. :nerd:

Good luck.

SB a very aware of the problems I have been in constant touch with one of their tech guys. If a problem has been put up over 7 times they look at it and a fix will find it’s way into the next update which am told is very soon. As far as problems go in 7 the main issue for a lot of people is the mixer ones which am having on two very different systems but BSOD issue was on both and both machines had Deamon Tools running and advanced system care which could be a possible culprit but since taking Deamon Tools off I have not had a crash or hang

Thanks Promotouk,

Yeah, sharing this or creating a really helpful ‘this is what the problem was and how I fixed it’ would expedite matters considerably.

Going away for a week, so I won’t be looking at this thread again till next Saturday.

All the best!

That would be really useful if this particular problem hadn’t been going on for years. I’m glade removing Deamon Tools worked for you but this fix doesn’t appear to work for everyone, just removing Automap didn’t work for everyone either, but did for some. I for one have never had Deamon Tools installed on my machines. My closing without saving trick however has made a huge difference. Not only has it all but cured hang-on-exit for me but Cubase generally closes quicker… go figure!

I recently had a nasty CPU spiking/stuttering problem with Cubase x64. I searched this forum and the internet in general to discover I was far from alone with this problem. I tried every fix going, from tweaking Cubase to tweaking Windows to tweaking the bios. I tried the lot. Some fixes worked for others but not for me. For me the only thing that worked was a fresh Windows install. That did it.

So you see, SB being aware of, and working on, a problem doesn’t always solve the problem for everyone.

replacing the OS hd with an ssd cured my hanging which was more prominent in c6 but as for all these tips ,some work for one but might not work for another