Cubase 7.0.2 / Cubase Artist 7.0.2 announcement

Tonight other graphic problems with Cubase 7.0.1 and OSX 10.7.5 some ghost traks appears ahahahah, I dont want to be boring again, but…

I’m a professional musician and I like to use Cubase for my Job not for fun. I dont have that kind of graphical problems with cubase 6.5.3, there are others of course not fixed yet on the 6.5.4 still in prerelease, now cubase 6.5 users don’t have a very stable cubase yet, and Cubase 7 user have a a beta version software maybe with some fix in the end of year? When steinberg will ask other 100euro for upgrade to 7.5? What i feel? I think Cubase users are at now the new Nuendo Beta testers and Steinberg asking us money to be these betatesters. I will be happy to continue to be Beta tester but please give me the application for free. :mrgreen:

When out the update ?

very soon :mrgreen:

Is this the ghost you are talking about at the bottom?

Is this the ghost you are talking about at the bottom?[/quote]

yes you can see some ghost tracks recorded on bottom, trasparent ones, not recorded of course… :smiley:

I’m using PC. I find the new mixer unusable. In many parts I am unable to read the text. Other parts have legible text but the color (black text on dark background) make it difficult to read. Other applications (including older versions of Cubase are OK). I simply can’t use C7 in current form. The interface design is lacking and really needs professional input to achieve something that is more broadly acceptable. Very sad…

Wild… so the name on the event doesn’t exist in the pool?

Coming from 6.5.3 that was rock solid, I updated to 7.0 at day one and never had a freeze or crash…ever… Of course a lot of bugs and minor problems but nothing that prevented me from working as usual. 7.0.1 improved a lot of annoying issues and still is solid.
So I wonder what is happenning with you guys who get an unstable and rather unusable cubase. Could this be hardware related? Or perhaps something messed up with 3d party plugins, or because working with older versions projects ( which is what I do obviously because I come from 6.5.3, and again I never had any big, “unstably” issue. )
I’m not blaming anyone on their hardware , or how their system is managed, but I truely do wonder why some people have solid stable systems (yet still perfectible), and others simply can’t work anymore after updating to 7.

A lot of it probably has to do with how the person actually works. If part of your routine or x-y-z procedure uses a feature that causes a crash or temporary freeze for instance… plugin instabilities with the new version… hardware too…

wel i wonder how many people are going to be satisfied tomorrow ? :wink:

My prediction … about 100 “you guys rock” posts from people who didn’t even install the patch yet, intermixed with about 100 “you guys suck” posts from people who didn’t even install the patch yet. Then about two days later the actual fall-out from the patch will begin.

true … thats if it’s even released tomorrow lol

:smiley: true that!.. i’ve been in a creative coma since day 1 of C 7 when the 8 cmc’s went into some sort of Amusement-park-mode, a lot of my belowed UA-plug’s started fuzzing e.t.c

So i look forward to the 7.0.2 tomorrow…It really can’t be any worse.

I have HUGE graphics problems using 7 & 7.01 where cubase locks all other graphics up on the computer so i can’t even access a folder on the computer. I can’t bring a sample in from a folder. I can’t run any program in the background.

Not a problem I’ve ever had with ANY other program before & it goes away as soon as i close down cubase. Insane.

Don’t have much hope for 7.02 to be honest.

Since it is unusable I have to pretend that it doesn’t exist but I’m having soo much fun with Ableton 9 Beta that i’m not too bothered. :slight_smile:

I just got my C7 today and am about to install it.

I’ve backed up all my old projects (can’t believe I was still on SX3 for so long!) so should be ready to rock & roll with this new update.

Are we there yet? here in Australia, it’s the 18th … After all the probs i’ve been having , i m so so so sooo looking forward to this update. Hoping after this update i’ll finally be able to use 7 :slight_smile: And i’m now armed with a few new tweeks to try and lasso this baby! Fingers and toes crossed

It will likely be some time during the 19th for Australia and NZ since Germany is closer to the Greenwich Meridian (but I admit I have no idea how international time works).

Many of the crashes I get is related to graphic functions i believe. And I dont think they are called from plugins but im not sure. Lot’s of new graphics in 7…

yep it certainly isn’t c7 thats the problem there and enjoy Ableton 9 , tut ta :wink:

Ya es 18!!!