Cubase 7.0.2 / Cubase Artist 7.0.2 announcement

Did you forget the Mackie Problem to reflect the channels like the Mixer on the screen does?

Very disappointing!

wow, 7.0.2 has not yet been released and people already start complaining…

No fixes for Variaudio?

+1 :confused:

No fix for Elastique?

Well we have got nearly two weeks to think about things to complain about. :unamused:

:stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen:
lets wait and see if there are not mention fix/features maybe in the next 2 weeks they add some more.
anyway we will need/want complain so 7.0.3 is next :wink:
(we need thumb up icon in forum )

Will be interesting to see…

OAN, You guys totally missed the biggest update.
Helge’s new Avy Pic :exclamation: lol :laughing:

Didn"t miss it : I indeed saw that there is a new Helge 2.0.1 update wuth a new appearance since few days. Problem is that it is buggy : still no onformation about the Cubase 7 UI regressions displayed… :arrow_right:

Good news. But please don’t forget to fix the Euphonix/Avid Transport issue (transport function is working as the scrubb function).

Thanks. :smiley:

good news… +1
Console display, VariAudio, time line problems and on windows 7/8 are also fixed it?

Thanks for the news Helge… another solid looking update (2 in two months…!). That ‘Trial’ version can’t be too far off; though saying that, I’ve had to give myself a protools crash course these last few days - which I’m strangely enjoying… until I got to exporting/bouncing (you know what I’m talking about). :astonished: :open_mouth:

good news!

can steinberg please give us a response, why the tracks in the console won’t sync with DAW controllers. THIS IS A BIG ISSUE! Lots of people are complaining about this - it seems that it will not be fixed in 7.0.2 so please tell us:

Are you working on it?
How long is the estimated time to get it to work?
i think that this could be an issue for many people to switch from C7 to another DAW!

Track Presets never saved the fx sends for the track. im hoping this is what they have fixed.

unusual for SB to announce this .0x update and then have us wait 2 weeks. Normally for such updates its the announcement along with the download…maybe they are indeed looking at the feedback of what we feel they have missed …which would be great to believe!

I sincerely hope that this update will solve most problems of this new version.
I’m very disappointed … I’ve never seen a new version with so many problems.

looking forward to the 18th, impossible for me to draw an opinion yet.

sometimes they tweak things that aren’t explicitly mentioned in the ‘big update / marketing announcement’

fingers crossed.

I can only assume the problem with the CMC QC and EQs will be addressed in the forthcoming CMC driver or tools update - which hasn’t been definitely announced 'til now.


I cannot see the promised fix on CC121 EQ section. Did I miss it?
If not will it be in the 7.0.2 release or is it postponed?

Very welcomed update,thank you